Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Flo’s vote for July 13, 2008

Decisions, decisions… what to vote for this week?!?!? Something innovative that can help reduce lag at a crowded event? An awesome piece of underappreciated talent for texture creations? Or maybe just something simple and fun?

Let me start with this first. At the start of the show Rad Hand mentioned "Somebody was asking about how to price things... has a good article." I took a peak at the page and it looks interesting. So if you were the one who asked about how to price your creations, this seems a good place to start.

Now onto the presenters-

Lubo Beaton started the show with his innovative lag reducing seating. It basically is a set of chairs that when you sit on them your avatar becomes covered by a box; therefore there is no avatar to render. This would cut down on lag as you will have less to render. So for those events when watching the audience is not as important as watching the actor or presenter, this would be great. It would also enable one having an event to draw in people who usually avoid crowded venues because of a slow connection or PC. And as some at show and tell mentioned… no need to dress to go to theater!

A sad couch, time out corner, chair and rejection stool, all made up a line of the most depressing furniture ever. The line is called, "The Most Depressing Furniture Ever." Created by Severin Whitfield, this line started as something for him to do to kill time.

First time presenting at Show and Tell, Kayn Munro shared her "One Man Band". Her entertaining creation consisted of a drum, drum sticks, leg cymbals and harmonica. It plays two songs and all the animation work is original and created by Kayn.

Seeing the work done by Supremius Maximus makes one realize the art form that texturing truly is. Supremius show off his textures using a mobile-like art glass sculpture. Also presented for his first time Supremius specializes in SL art glass and is fond of Frank Lloyd Wright's style. Sup did the textures all by hand. Truly lovely work, do check them out in world.

After mentioning that her previous presentation, the Moewe, is now available in a tiny version, Ilsa Munro showed the Flapter. It's from a Japanese animated film "Laputa". The Flapter comes in a tiny version also. Both versions have custom poses and animated wings. They also have a built in rooster tail particle effect for when they fly within one meter of the water. You can watch a demo of it here.

Bryn Oh, still making music boxes, presented "The Rhinobot", a lovely sculpture piece. When you press a button on its stomach the chime plays and it recites a poem.

Looking handsome, Ahmad Hosho showed a gray version of his suit. He presented it with and without the jacket and showed it with two ties… one textured and one prim. I was partial to the prim one that was nicely textured and loved the knot in the fold!

And for something simple and fun, check out Areal Loonie's helium balloons and lawn chair! Great for a lazy flight across the grid.

My vote this week goes to Pandora Wrigglesworth for her Happy Missile with Underground Silo.

To best describe it, let me use Pandora's own words…

So your neighbors have a Super Fun Cannon, do they? When it comes to household armament, you can't afford to fall behind. If you love your children and want them to grow up happy, it's time to invest in a Happy Missile. You do love your children, don't you? Don't you? Install this Happy Missile Silo and you will have an endless supply of Happy Missiles. When properly calibrated, each missile is guaranteed to fire straight up and explode to the delight of the entire neighborhood.

Seats Up To Fourteen!

Tiny Compatible!

Silo Is Just 8 Prims!

20% Chance of Kittens with Parachutes!

Beware low ceilings. Not recommended for indoor use.

And for your viewing pleasure, here is a video made by Crap Mariner of his discovery of the Happy Missile. Enjoy and see you next Sunday at Show and Tell in Lummerland.

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