Sunday, November 30, 2008

flo's vote for November 23, 2008

First time presenting, Thomaz Blackburn showed a very stylish and shiny (I like shiny :))set of lamps. In different colors, they also came with an on and off script.

Next up was Starfleets Ruska. He shared a piece he has been working on for 10 months and is still a work in progress. It was big, 1.3k prims big! Called "Persecution", it is a war ship.

With the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, you can always count on Holocluck Henly to have a holiday pool available :) . His Turkey Tureen tub filled with broth that you get into by climbing the ladle.

Another work in progress was presented by Paisley Ganesvoort... a little red wagon for tinies. Although currently not available for sale, Paisley hopes to make it and her tiny homes available in the near future.

Betty Tureaud showed a sub. It is a diesel and has great textures and also sound effects.

Then, Particle Royalty of SL and owner of The Particle Laboratory in Teal, Jopsy Pendragon showed off his new apparatus that he just finished the day before. "The Porgan 1800" is a particle organ, an instrument that allows to create particle "chords". Style and function together, you can set individual panels to create different parameters of particles. When your effect is created and you hit copy button, it spawns a copy of the effect which can then be taken and used immediately. No touching a script at all. Even non-scripters can create particles. If you'd like to play with one of these, they're installed at The Particle Laboratory...and available for sale as well.

Vlad Bjornson, award winning flower and plant creator, shared his latest... Oak trees. Made with sculpted prims, all the same sculpty, they are scripted with a menu change to change bark and leaf textures. Again, lovely creation Vlad!

On to flo's vote this week...

From 11.23.08 show and tell

For those who like furniture with a lil "extra" Aaack Straaf presented his "flying couch potato". It's shape is inspired by 60's furniture style, and it can seat up to 5 avatars, using the provided pose balls.
But wait! The couch can also transform into a fully functional airplane! Innovative, fun, stylish yet silly... that makes this my vote for this week.

From 11.23.08 show and tell

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