Wednesday, August 27, 2008

flo's vote for August 24, 2008

Grid issues be damned, we went on with the show as usual this week! One presenter had problems approaching the stage causing some to wonder if she was presenting a "slo mo animation"! /me chuckles (Tip for presenters...if you rez a box on the stage and sit on it, you will go there faster)

Show and Tell's focus being a share and learn experience, we all learn from one another. Even a well seasoned creator can learn from the fresh perspective of a new builder. One the many things I enjoy most about show and tell is seeing a work presented that was inspired by a work previously shown. And that brings me to our first presenter this Sunday...Betty Tureaud. Betty made a lovely flying dance pad gazebo and added a little gimmick after using Sammy Cukor's waypoint mover script that he shared on August 10th. Using this script, the gazebo is programmed to fly around automatically, making for a most romantic dance with your partner.

kenster2 Bade presented a display of objects he made for his ApL3 store. In addition to the basic Apl3 products he created the ipotty which created a stir of giggles.

Wanting to share his best creation of his summer building Frofidor Niekerk rezzed his awesome 270 prim, 100m tall Gigantic Robot. Anyone with a draw distance at 64 had to fly up to see it all. Bree Birke also commented, "I cammed out to see it all - and we're all tiny ants!"

Some of you may recall the tiny rider pigs that Bloodsong presented some time ago. Well at this show Bloodsong Termagant presented Pig Bard for the pigs. "Barding" said Bloodsong, "is armor for horses or, uh, pigs." In steel, gold and black the lovely detailed work of the armor will easily snap onto your own tiny rider pig. flo gives the piggy an apple.

I had a real hard time deciding on my vote this week (like I do every week!) I had it down to two. One of which was Rush Gastel's lovely new thingy...dancing water. After suggesting setting world to midnight he first showed his smaller version, with eight emitters in a line. Dances are loaded via a note card and it comes with several different patterns of dances preloaded with on slot left for you to create your own. Color of water can be changed and dances can be made to loop. It has been tested for mono and control can be set to public or just owner. Rush also showed a 10m circle version of the dancing waters.

In order to avoid the "Hair Fair", Yuvi Robbiani decided to create her own texture and make her own hair! New to building, Yuvi showed her "Beehive" hair style with bees! She also showed "egg on your face", a silly lil attachment of two sunny side up eggs to wear on your face. Sadly I didn't get a snap of "egg on your face". Fun work Yuvi, hope to see more of your creations!

flo votes this week for Thickbrick Sleaford's Fractal Tree Rezzer!

Thickbrick Sleaford came onto stage and started his story. "I made a fractal tree maker a long time ago... it started as your basic fractal prim tree but then I figured I could use scuplties for the part of the tree, to make it look more interesting. It’s been sitting in my pocket for about a year, so I figured I might show it...all the trees look very similar, but never the same so it's fun to plant them in sandbox."

He then continued: "the tree will self destruct in 1 hour. Every "branch" chooses it’s sculpt map depending on the number of child branches it has. when it's done it can link all the branches for you, so you can resize, etc. the script has a variable that determines the lushness of the tree, and how many levels it will rez but there's random numbers in it too. Oh, and you can easily delete the trees by clicking one of the branches, even when they're not linked yet."

Thickbrick disappointed many when he finally said, "I don't sell it, because it's one of those thing that are never finished. There are still funky parts in the script"

Thursday, August 21, 2008

flo's vote for August 17, 2008

With a dare, Betty Tureaud started her presentation of her Flash Gordon Rocket. Two brave volunteers sat in the rocket with a motor thrust regulator. It flew up into SL space in 11 seconds.

Arawn Spitteler created a fun waterslide! Let me allow Arawn to speak for himself...

Arawn Spitteler: “To produce a vehicle, for a waterslide, I found a one prim steam punk vehicle. This vehicle was developed by a high tech researcher, at a government contractor, as far back as 1879. Granted, this vehicle, is better known, for getting out of hand, and bouncing off the walls, but is still perfect for a waterslide.”

And what was this vehicle for the waterslide? A bar of soap!!! You slide down the waterslide on the soap bar and it makes bubbles!

The water side had a neat surf pose and was great fun.

The Cam Controller HUD created by Bloodsong Termagant is a HUD object that controls your Camera. This will be of more use for non human avatars. When you don't quite like the viewing position the creator of an object has installed for that avatar the Cam Controller HUD puts you in charge setting the view as you want it. Plus, with 10 preset slots you can save to, it's the only camera you'll ever need. Many settings and options too numerous to mention, this cam controller seems very useful in many ways.

Suppose you build a house but you forgot to put in a door. Or, to quote Pandora Wrigglesworth , "Need a better shortcut to the garden? Confined in a high-security prison cell by your intellectual inferiors? Mere walls need never trouble you again when you have the Portable Door Generator. Just point and shoot to generate a variety of attractive doorways through almost any solid surface." Read more at Pandora's blog and check out the pictures of her Portable Door Generator there (much better then ones I have).

kenster2 Bade presented his Portal Sentry Turret. At the moment all it does is open and close. kenster2 is working on the shooting.

Aramaru Kuhn made a smoke grenade. One can drop it, or throw it.

My vote this week is for Sammy Cukor's build, a Ghost ride. It is a real ride like the fun house rides of yesteryears. Spooky and will be a great addition for Halloween festivities. As far as I am aware, it isn't out in world so don't hesitate to IM Sammy Cukor to take a ride!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

flo's vote for August 10, 2008

One of the great things about Show and Tell in Lummerland is the conversation. You never know how someone’s build will derail a conversation. Like this week’s show. One presentation prompted a discussion of tea, bag vs. strainer and how to brew a proper cuppa :) Well, Barney and I hope for Show and Tell to be a learning experience but who would ever have thought it would also be how to brew tea too :)

We started out with a return visit by Sensitive Magic. This week she showed her mad hatters tea cup. She plans to make it a ride and part of a mad hatter set. During her presentation we learned about dimpling and how to cut a sphere for better looking texture. Also it was suggested she make it a two seater, and then it could be "tea for two"! Lovely work Sensitive!

Then we went from a nice cup of tea to a guillotine shown by Jonah Warwick. After initial hesitation by most in the audience, many gladly volunteered to try the guillotine. The guillotine had a nice animation, interesting sound effects and spray of blood which caused LaPopessa Trov to remark, "This is a white dress man - nobody told me I'd need a splash screen tonight!"

Bloodsong Termagant outdid himself with his "Tower of VICTORY". While there are building events like Primtionary and speed build, Blood thought it would be more fun to have a team build together and compete against other teams. Although based on a team build game by TUI, this game forces each member to participate in the build. Each member in the team can use only one of 8 preset shapes and no two of the same shape can touch each other. Each team must work together to build a tower (or ramp/ladder) to reach the Victory Bell, and light up all 5 of their team Rings to win medals. The game also has referee tools and a penalty timer. Congrats to Blood for this game and the work he did as a lot of scripting went into this game.

Now for something that can't be seen in a snapshot, a scripted waypoint mover by Sammy Cukor. With the script in a cube, you can insert waypoints via an edit menu. As you move the prim and save thru the edit menu. When you re rez the prim and touch it will move to the waypoints you set. It works using llMoveToTarget and the saved route will only work in the sim it was created in. you can use it in a linkset 32 prims and having tested it for lag, Sammy found it use 0.002ms.

Another build tool "The Origami" was presented by Mango Splash. As it is a work in progress, he offered all a free copy to help him beta test it. Very simply put, it is a polygon based 3d tool that you can use to create nearly any shape you can think of out of triangles and create objects in freeform. It is a fun and time saving device. This device is similar to another Mango presented at Show and Tell some time ago, an in world sculpty generator. I found a write up of it by Vint Falken that you can read here

And now time to go plunder! Largo Lax shared with us his Viking Ship. Very lovely build, it is only 30 prims and can be sailed.

As we see on occasion, not all things presented at show and tell are in final form. With an idea that struck Ilsa Munro about two hours before the show, she showed us a rough version of her Magic Sword. Being smaller than the average avatar, Ilsa found that any sword she wore sticks underground. The idea is that a hole in the sky opens over my head and I've got my sword up there and a massive invisprim will resize when the animation is triggered. Can't wait to see the finished product Ilsa!

Twist Easley is starting a custom tattoo business called Twisted Tattoos and trying to figure out how to make something not yet seen in SL. With advice from Ilsa Munro and the help of Fitz Clary with the script, Twist designed her (and sl's?)first animated tattoo. A Japanese dragon covers the entire back and the flame in his mouth is the animation part of the tattoo.

My vote this week goes to Stak Skolnick 's Linden Clock!

One of several who made their first presentations at Show and Tell this day, Stak's clock is a most lovely build. The face of the clock shows the 4 hour SL day. I ticks once a second and chimes too. It can be set to 12 hour time and to desired time zone. The intricate and amazing gears and pendulum mesh properly and rez to proper size when whole clock is resized.
Lovely job in build, animation and scripting Stak and welcome to Show and Tell!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

flo's vote for August 3, 2008

The August 3rd show started with a first time presented… Sensitive Magic. She showed her lovely Particle Star boots.

Ut Aya showed his Stealth Jetster Aircraft. It comes with 8 different changeable body panel colors, combat system, and is low prim. Sleek design, steampunk concept, and futuristic space ship appearance.

Holocluck Henly made a lovely Iridescent Gazebo. It has a very subtle shielding so it protects you during rain

Pannie Paperdoll showed a beautiful, delicate necklace. It is a pentacle in a butterfly in silver or gold with colored stones. She has a variety of colors to choose from.

Largo Lax presented a 23 prim Victorian bicycle. And it is ride able too. Lovely piece Largo!

kenster2 Bade showed a stage he made for his Daft Punk Sl concerts. Based on a pyramid he showed some time ago, the inside has a cool console area.

Based on the Barsoom stories by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Ilsa Munro showed the first vehicle she every made in SL, the Barsoom Express. It flies and also operates as a boot. A HUD controls particles and sound effects

My vote this week goes to Martini Discovolante for her beautiful pocket watches!

It comes as a set - Domed Display watch and the Wearable Pocket Watch. Both open, tell time, play a tune and have moving gears. Miss Dicovolante also acknowledged input and script assistance from Mr. Quesit and Nix Sands.

Friday, August 1, 2008

flo's vote for July 27, 2008

I knew this week would be unusual… when I arrived in Lummerland before the show, there was my co host, Barney Boomslang, and Pandora Wigglesworth. Pandora Wigglesworth as a crate. A box. Oh my! Pandora's box!!!

It seems Pandora was wearing the box to hide her presentation while allowing it to pre rez lol. So I had to wait till she came on stage to see what it was.

And now onto this previous Sunday’s Show…

The show started with Bela Lubezki showing her Chadburns Ship Telegraph rental vendors. Using a Hippo vendor to start, she thought of modding it with a steampunk look. The face of dial can show if a parcel is available or not and if tenant has paid rent.

Then Pandora Wrigglesworth opened her box and presented her first Tiny Avatar design… a sheep. It is compatible with tiny accessories and has a unique AO set. To quote Pandora: “This is the perfect avatar for a wolf who needs to sneak past that pesky shepherd or simply wants to get in touch with its inner sheep.”

For those times you do not wish to be disturbed, just rez Kayn Munro’s sewer. When you click to sit on the sewer, the lid opens up and a ladder appears that you avatar will descend. The lid will then close. With no avatar on view, you can work in peace.

Using a build by Jazzman Jubila, Grandma Bates presented her scripting for upright piano keys. And what impressive work the action for an upright piano was! Each part for each key is rezzed separately. When you touch a key it moves the whippen. The jack then goes up and throws the hammer forward. Grandma did all of the movement and rotations herself. Sadly, Grandma Bates doesn’t have a place to view it in world L as it is a site to see in action. Great scripting work Grandma!

Many have mentioned to me how attending Show and Tell inspires them in their own work. Well a few weeks ago, Supremius Maximus showed a very nice piece of mobile art. Inspired by this, Ilsa Munro created a version of it as her shop sign and shared that with us. Steampunk in look, it had moving gears and brass. Lovely piece Ilsa!

And this week, my vote goes to…

Coal Porter!

After being in SL for several months now, Coal Porter discovered the joy of building vehicles and has a line of CP Motors vehicles. One of his goals with the shapes of the cars was to let the prims build the shape. The seats and front, however, are sculpted.

At the show, Coal presented his CP Motors Roadsters sharing two models. One was a paintball colored car that I absolutely loved! (partially due to fact I am a fan of the Thursday Next books by J. Fforde. Thursday drives a car that I pictured looking just like Coal’s car.)

The second version was a Green Sportster. On both, the wheels spin and turn and the cars can also be driven as a hovercraft or boat. Excellent steering and fun performance. Also a great sounding horn. When you purchase one, it comes in two sizes- standard and one for tiny avatars. And in case you pick up a passenger that isn’t too pleasant, there is an ejection seat. Oh, and I forgot… they come in a variety of colors, just in case you aren’t a paint ball texture (or Thursday Next) fan.

Till next week… Keep banging on prims and see you at the Show on Sunday at 2pm slt.