Monday, April 20, 2009

Video by Waelya Tenk

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Flo's Vote for April 19, 2009

First I would like to thank Crap Mariner for his comments about show and tell he wrote on his blog and most recently this "Show, Tell, and Get Your Ass Stomped In The Voting (and love it)"

Now on to today's show...

List of presenters:

Jeran42 Claxton - Shadow Board Client

Zik Lionheart - Paint paleta

BrightAmberG String - 'SpearFrenzy'

Asterion Coen - Lamda Shuttle

beren llewellyn - Alice's Garden Umbrella

Holocluck Henly - Googie Style Fishing Pond

Connor Whitman - skins

Dave Whitehead - kirov airship with hangar

Rew Weatherwax - Ancient Jetson

My vote this week goes to...

From show and tell 04.19.09

Beren Llewellyn's - Alice's Garden Umbrella

This must be seen in person to fully appreciate all of it's magic!

From beren's info card for the umbrella...What does it do? Well, there's an owner menu built in that allows you to play a number of fun animations or set the color and texture on it. There's also a weather (and other fun poofers) system built in that interacts with the umbrella (built only area's). The umbrella also acts as an an ao with a walk, fly, sit, sit ground and a few stand animations.

/me saunters off, umbrella in hand humming "Singing in the Rain"

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Show and Tell results for March 15th

Due to the voting board debacle, there was a delay in getting voting results which are now posted below.

Presenters for 03.15.09 Show and Tell

Paddy Wright - Lodge House

Wynd Ling - Dew Drop flower shop

Holocluck Henly - Giant Bob

Rush Gastel - High Falls

Sleepy Xue - GridShard

Frofidor Niekerk - mini celestial demon

kenster2 Bade - combat helmet

paramparamm Papp - petard

Morph Wollongong - The Diggler

and the winners were:

2250 lindens Paddy Wright - Lodge House

1700 lindens Sleepy Xue - GridShard

1250 lindens Frofidor Niekerk - mini celestial demon

800 lindens ` Wynd Ling - Dew Drop flower shop

remainder of presenters received 400 lindens

Sunday, February 1, 2009

flo's vote for January 25, 2009

Ziah Oki - robotic attachments

Piter Redstar - Iberian Lynx

Holocluck Henly - Happy Buddha Jasmine Pool, pagoda and gazebo

Judy Brodie - candy delight

Betty Tureaud - time traveler

Otto Jeffries - magic bean stalk

Pandora Wrigglesworth - Teddy Scare

Bela Lubezki - airship. Bela has much better snaps of her entry here

paramparamm Papp - steam powered brain implant

My vote this week goes to...
From show and tell 01.25.09
Pandora Wrigglesworth for her Teddy Scare

It's cute and snuggly to sit in, or hide inside and wait till someone comes by and scare them when you jump out! Very nicely done, and lots of fun hehe. Plus, only ten prims and tiny compatible too!

Look at snaps of all presentations at upper right of this post or click here

Saturday, January 24, 2009

flo's vote for January 18, 2009

Gryff Richard - 8 prim season change tree

Shnem Slazar - outfit

Piter Redstar - roborat

Paddy Wright - enigma machine

Betty Tureaud - Air Surf Board

Hulaboom Voom - Top o Blitzen

Marianne McCann - invisible dog

Pandora Wrigglesworth - Rococo Fantastico

Bryn Oh - Machinama Balls

My vote this week goes to...

From show and tell 01.18.09

Piter Redstar for his RoboRat Avatar

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

flo's vote for January 11, 2009

Lynni Aeon - Bladerunner Objet d'art

acid Zenith - Zenith Texture Molester

Pygar Bu - driving town playset

Rush Gastel - dancing waters

Bela Lubezki - lincoln booth

RaptonX Zorger - Verlokkoh av

Paddy Wright - bow front display case

Giuseppe Spicoli - slotten totten table

My vote this week goes too...
From show and tell 01.11.09
Lynni Aeon - Bladerunner Objet d'art

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

flo's vote for January 4, 2009

List in order of presentation

Gumby Roffo - XR5 avatar

Agent Zapatero - dragon avatar

Betty Tureaud - moving dance floors

Roman Brandenburg - christmas tree carousel

Bloodsong Termagant - ridable Hippo

Imnotgoing Sideways - tiny robot av

Dakota Tebaldi - schooner

Largo Lax - the Fenriswolf

bigdoggt32 Mubble - the millennium falcon

My vote this week is for...

From 01.04.09 Show and Tell

bigdoggt32 Mubble - the millennium falcon