Sunday, December 7, 2008

flo's vote for November 30, 2008

List of presenters

Aaack Straaf - jet packs

Starfleets Ruska - junkyard

followmeimthe Piedpiper - SL diner

Betty Tureaud - glider sail plane

Jeran42 Claxton - Descent Drone

Holocluck Henly - flying pancake breakfast

Supremius Maximus - brewery vat

Bela Lubezki - mechanical steam deer

This week my vote is for
followmeimthe Piedpiper. Her dinner appealed to me on many levels. Realistic build, bright, shiny and lights. Must visit and view details inside. Visit it in world here.
From 11.30.08 show and tell

Visit it in world here.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

flo's vote for November 23, 2008

First time presenting, Thomaz Blackburn showed a very stylish and shiny (I like shiny :))set of lamps. In different colors, they also came with an on and off script.

Next up was Starfleets Ruska. He shared a piece he has been working on for 10 months and is still a work in progress. It was big, 1.3k prims big! Called "Persecution", it is a war ship.

With the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, you can always count on Holocluck Henly to have a holiday pool available :) . His Turkey Tureen tub filled with broth that you get into by climbing the ladle.

Another work in progress was presented by Paisley Ganesvoort... a little red wagon for tinies. Although currently not available for sale, Paisley hopes to make it and her tiny homes available in the near future.

Betty Tureaud showed a sub. It is a diesel and has great textures and also sound effects.

Then, Particle Royalty of SL and owner of The Particle Laboratory in Teal, Jopsy Pendragon showed off his new apparatus that he just finished the day before. "The Porgan 1800" is a particle organ, an instrument that allows to create particle "chords". Style and function together, you can set individual panels to create different parameters of particles. When your effect is created and you hit copy button, it spawns a copy of the effect which can then be taken and used immediately. No touching a script at all. Even non-scripters can create particles. If you'd like to play with one of these, they're installed at The Particle Laboratory...and available for sale as well.

Vlad Bjornson, award winning flower and plant creator, shared his latest... Oak trees. Made with sculpted prims, all the same sculpty, they are scripted with a menu change to change bark and leaf textures. Again, lovely creation Vlad!

On to flo's vote this week...

From 11.23.08 show and tell

For those who like furniture with a lil "extra" Aaack Straaf presented his "flying couch potato". It's shape is inspired by 60's furniture style, and it can seat up to 5 avatars, using the provided pose balls.
But wait! The couch can also transform into a fully functional airplane! Innovative, fun, stylish yet silly... that makes this my vote for this week.

From 11.23.08 show and tell

Monday, November 3, 2008

flo's vote for November 2, 2008

I am back with 'flo votes' but in a slimmer version of posts for now.

This week we saw the following presenters...

Pannie Paperdoll showed a fun Pumpking Bumper car set.

Also in a fun mode, Parser Lane show his Fire Tag game.

Ilsa Munro presented her first in a planned series of Victorian Air Ships.

Making use of the freebie textures available in the new Nautilis sims, Corcosman Voom showed a lovely Atlantean Gazebo.

A lovely classic piece, A Chinese Curio Cabinet with oodles of detail objects on it shelves was shared by Paddy Wright.

Holocluck Henly showed his retro Drive In Movie Screen.

But my vote this week goes to Bloodsong Termagant for his Tombstone. What made it fun and interesting for me is that the name on the tombstone comes from the avatar nearest it. :)

From 11.02.08

If any who presented post Slurls for people to see their creations in world, I will be happy to link to them in the post.

See you all next week, Sunday @ 2pm SLT

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

flo's vote for August 24, 2008

Grid issues be damned, we went on with the show as usual this week! One presenter had problems approaching the stage causing some to wonder if she was presenting a "slo mo animation"! /me chuckles (Tip for presenters...if you rez a box on the stage and sit on it, you will go there faster)

Show and Tell's focus being a share and learn experience, we all learn from one another. Even a well seasoned creator can learn from the fresh perspective of a new builder. One the many things I enjoy most about show and tell is seeing a work presented that was inspired by a work previously shown. And that brings me to our first presenter this Sunday...Betty Tureaud. Betty made a lovely flying dance pad gazebo and added a little gimmick after using Sammy Cukor's waypoint mover script that he shared on August 10th. Using this script, the gazebo is programmed to fly around automatically, making for a most romantic dance with your partner.

kenster2 Bade presented a display of objects he made for his ApL3 store. In addition to the basic Apl3 products he created the ipotty which created a stir of giggles.

Wanting to share his best creation of his summer building Frofidor Niekerk rezzed his awesome 270 prim, 100m tall Gigantic Robot. Anyone with a draw distance at 64 had to fly up to see it all. Bree Birke also commented, "I cammed out to see it all - and we're all tiny ants!"

Some of you may recall the tiny rider pigs that Bloodsong presented some time ago. Well at this show Bloodsong Termagant presented Pig Bard for the pigs. "Barding" said Bloodsong, "is armor for horses or, uh, pigs." In steel, gold and black the lovely detailed work of the armor will easily snap onto your own tiny rider pig. flo gives the piggy an apple.

I had a real hard time deciding on my vote this week (like I do every week!) I had it down to two. One of which was Rush Gastel's lovely new thingy...dancing water. After suggesting setting world to midnight he first showed his smaller version, with eight emitters in a line. Dances are loaded via a note card and it comes with several different patterns of dances preloaded with on slot left for you to create your own. Color of water can be changed and dances can be made to loop. It has been tested for mono and control can be set to public or just owner. Rush also showed a 10m circle version of the dancing waters.

In order to avoid the "Hair Fair", Yuvi Robbiani decided to create her own texture and make her own hair! New to building, Yuvi showed her "Beehive" hair style with bees! She also showed "egg on your face", a silly lil attachment of two sunny side up eggs to wear on your face. Sadly I didn't get a snap of "egg on your face". Fun work Yuvi, hope to see more of your creations!

flo votes this week for Thickbrick Sleaford's Fractal Tree Rezzer!

Thickbrick Sleaford came onto stage and started his story. "I made a fractal tree maker a long time ago... it started as your basic fractal prim tree but then I figured I could use scuplties for the part of the tree, to make it look more interesting. It’s been sitting in my pocket for about a year, so I figured I might show it...all the trees look very similar, but never the same so it's fun to plant them in sandbox."

He then continued: "the tree will self destruct in 1 hour. Every "branch" chooses it’s sculpt map depending on the number of child branches it has. when it's done it can link all the branches for you, so you can resize, etc. the script has a variable that determines the lushness of the tree, and how many levels it will rez but there's random numbers in it too. Oh, and you can easily delete the trees by clicking one of the branches, even when they're not linked yet."

Thickbrick disappointed many when he finally said, "I don't sell it, because it's one of those thing that are never finished. There are still funky parts in the script"

Thursday, August 21, 2008

flo's vote for August 17, 2008

With a dare, Betty Tureaud started her presentation of her Flash Gordon Rocket. Two brave volunteers sat in the rocket with a motor thrust regulator. It flew up into SL space in 11 seconds.

Arawn Spitteler created a fun waterslide! Let me allow Arawn to speak for himself...

Arawn Spitteler: “To produce a vehicle, for a waterslide, I found a one prim steam punk vehicle. This vehicle was developed by a high tech researcher, at a government contractor, as far back as 1879. Granted, this vehicle, is better known, for getting out of hand, and bouncing off the walls, but is still perfect for a waterslide.”

And what was this vehicle for the waterslide? A bar of soap!!! You slide down the waterslide on the soap bar and it makes bubbles!

The water side had a neat surf pose and was great fun.

The Cam Controller HUD created by Bloodsong Termagant is a HUD object that controls your Camera. This will be of more use for non human avatars. When you don't quite like the viewing position the creator of an object has installed for that avatar the Cam Controller HUD puts you in charge setting the view as you want it. Plus, with 10 preset slots you can save to, it's the only camera you'll ever need. Many settings and options too numerous to mention, this cam controller seems very useful in many ways.

Suppose you build a house but you forgot to put in a door. Or, to quote Pandora Wrigglesworth , "Need a better shortcut to the garden? Confined in a high-security prison cell by your intellectual inferiors? Mere walls need never trouble you again when you have the Portable Door Generator. Just point and shoot to generate a variety of attractive doorways through almost any solid surface." Read more at Pandora's blog and check out the pictures of her Portable Door Generator there (much better then ones I have).

kenster2 Bade presented his Portal Sentry Turret. At the moment all it does is open and close. kenster2 is working on the shooting.

Aramaru Kuhn made a smoke grenade. One can drop it, or throw it.

My vote this week is for Sammy Cukor's build, a Ghost ride. It is a real ride like the fun house rides of yesteryears. Spooky and will be a great addition for Halloween festivities. As far as I am aware, it isn't out in world so don't hesitate to IM Sammy Cukor to take a ride!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

flo's vote for August 10, 2008

One of the great things about Show and Tell in Lummerland is the conversation. You never know how someone’s build will derail a conversation. Like this week’s show. One presentation prompted a discussion of tea, bag vs. strainer and how to brew a proper cuppa :) Well, Barney and I hope for Show and Tell to be a learning experience but who would ever have thought it would also be how to brew tea too :)

We started out with a return visit by Sensitive Magic. This week she showed her mad hatters tea cup. She plans to make it a ride and part of a mad hatter set. During her presentation we learned about dimpling and how to cut a sphere for better looking texture. Also it was suggested she make it a two seater, and then it could be "tea for two"! Lovely work Sensitive!

Then we went from a nice cup of tea to a guillotine shown by Jonah Warwick. After initial hesitation by most in the audience, many gladly volunteered to try the guillotine. The guillotine had a nice animation, interesting sound effects and spray of blood which caused LaPopessa Trov to remark, "This is a white dress man - nobody told me I'd need a splash screen tonight!"

Bloodsong Termagant outdid himself with his "Tower of VICTORY". While there are building events like Primtionary and speed build, Blood thought it would be more fun to have a team build together and compete against other teams. Although based on a team build game by TUI, this game forces each member to participate in the build. Each member in the team can use only one of 8 preset shapes and no two of the same shape can touch each other. Each team must work together to build a tower (or ramp/ladder) to reach the Victory Bell, and light up all 5 of their team Rings to win medals. The game also has referee tools and a penalty timer. Congrats to Blood for this game and the work he did as a lot of scripting went into this game.

Now for something that can't be seen in a snapshot, a scripted waypoint mover by Sammy Cukor. With the script in a cube, you can insert waypoints via an edit menu. As you move the prim and save thru the edit menu. When you re rez the prim and touch it will move to the waypoints you set. It works using llMoveToTarget and the saved route will only work in the sim it was created in. you can use it in a linkset 32 prims and having tested it for lag, Sammy found it use 0.002ms.

Another build tool "The Origami" was presented by Mango Splash. As it is a work in progress, he offered all a free copy to help him beta test it. Very simply put, it is a polygon based 3d tool that you can use to create nearly any shape you can think of out of triangles and create objects in freeform. It is a fun and time saving device. This device is similar to another Mango presented at Show and Tell some time ago, an in world sculpty generator. I found a write up of it by Vint Falken that you can read here

And now time to go plunder! Largo Lax shared with us his Viking Ship. Very lovely build, it is only 30 prims and can be sailed.

As we see on occasion, not all things presented at show and tell are in final form. With an idea that struck Ilsa Munro about two hours before the show, she showed us a rough version of her Magic Sword. Being smaller than the average avatar, Ilsa found that any sword she wore sticks underground. The idea is that a hole in the sky opens over my head and I've got my sword up there and a massive invisprim will resize when the animation is triggered. Can't wait to see the finished product Ilsa!

Twist Easley is starting a custom tattoo business called Twisted Tattoos and trying to figure out how to make something not yet seen in SL. With advice from Ilsa Munro and the help of Fitz Clary with the script, Twist designed her (and sl's?)first animated tattoo. A Japanese dragon covers the entire back and the flame in his mouth is the animation part of the tattoo.

My vote this week goes to Stak Skolnick 's Linden Clock!

One of several who made their first presentations at Show and Tell this day, Stak's clock is a most lovely build. The face of the clock shows the 4 hour SL day. I ticks once a second and chimes too. It can be set to 12 hour time and to desired time zone. The intricate and amazing gears and pendulum mesh properly and rez to proper size when whole clock is resized.
Lovely job in build, animation and scripting Stak and welcome to Show and Tell!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

flo's vote for August 3, 2008

The August 3rd show started with a first time presented… Sensitive Magic. She showed her lovely Particle Star boots.

Ut Aya showed his Stealth Jetster Aircraft. It comes with 8 different changeable body panel colors, combat system, and is low prim. Sleek design, steampunk concept, and futuristic space ship appearance.

Holocluck Henly made a lovely Iridescent Gazebo. It has a very subtle shielding so it protects you during rain

Pannie Paperdoll showed a beautiful, delicate necklace. It is a pentacle in a butterfly in silver or gold with colored stones. She has a variety of colors to choose from.

Largo Lax presented a 23 prim Victorian bicycle. And it is ride able too. Lovely piece Largo!

kenster2 Bade showed a stage he made for his Daft Punk Sl concerts. Based on a pyramid he showed some time ago, the inside has a cool console area.

Based on the Barsoom stories by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Ilsa Munro showed the first vehicle she every made in SL, the Barsoom Express. It flies and also operates as a boot. A HUD controls particles and sound effects

My vote this week goes to Martini Discovolante for her beautiful pocket watches!

It comes as a set - Domed Display watch and the Wearable Pocket Watch. Both open, tell time, play a tune and have moving gears. Miss Dicovolante also acknowledged input and script assistance from Mr. Quesit and Nix Sands.

Friday, August 1, 2008

flo's vote for July 27, 2008

I knew this week would be unusual… when I arrived in Lummerland before the show, there was my co host, Barney Boomslang, and Pandora Wigglesworth. Pandora Wigglesworth as a crate. A box. Oh my! Pandora's box!!!

It seems Pandora was wearing the box to hide her presentation while allowing it to pre rez lol. So I had to wait till she came on stage to see what it was.

And now onto this previous Sunday’s Show…

The show started with Bela Lubezki showing her Chadburns Ship Telegraph rental vendors. Using a Hippo vendor to start, she thought of modding it with a steampunk look. The face of dial can show if a parcel is available or not and if tenant has paid rent.

Then Pandora Wrigglesworth opened her box and presented her first Tiny Avatar design… a sheep. It is compatible with tiny accessories and has a unique AO set. To quote Pandora: “This is the perfect avatar for a wolf who needs to sneak past that pesky shepherd or simply wants to get in touch with its inner sheep.”

For those times you do not wish to be disturbed, just rez Kayn Munro’s sewer. When you click to sit on the sewer, the lid opens up and a ladder appears that you avatar will descend. The lid will then close. With no avatar on view, you can work in peace.

Using a build by Jazzman Jubila, Grandma Bates presented her scripting for upright piano keys. And what impressive work the action for an upright piano was! Each part for each key is rezzed separately. When you touch a key it moves the whippen. The jack then goes up and throws the hammer forward. Grandma did all of the movement and rotations herself. Sadly, Grandma Bates doesn’t have a place to view it in world L as it is a site to see in action. Great scripting work Grandma!

Many have mentioned to me how attending Show and Tell inspires them in their own work. Well a few weeks ago, Supremius Maximus showed a very nice piece of mobile art. Inspired by this, Ilsa Munro created a version of it as her shop sign and shared that with us. Steampunk in look, it had moving gears and brass. Lovely piece Ilsa!

And this week, my vote goes to…

Coal Porter!

After being in SL for several months now, Coal Porter discovered the joy of building vehicles and has a line of CP Motors vehicles. One of his goals with the shapes of the cars was to let the prims build the shape. The seats and front, however, are sculpted.

At the show, Coal presented his CP Motors Roadsters sharing two models. One was a paintball colored car that I absolutely loved! (partially due to fact I am a fan of the Thursday Next books by J. Fforde. Thursday drives a car that I pictured looking just like Coal’s car.)

The second version was a Green Sportster. On both, the wheels spin and turn and the cars can also be driven as a hovercraft or boat. Excellent steering and fun performance. Also a great sounding horn. When you purchase one, it comes in two sizes- standard and one for tiny avatars. And in case you pick up a passenger that isn’t too pleasant, there is an ejection seat. Oh, and I forgot… they come in a variety of colors, just in case you aren’t a paint ball texture (or Thursday Next) fan.

Till next week… Keep banging on prims and see you at the Show on Sunday at 2pm slt.


Friday, July 25, 2008

flo's vote for July 20, 2008

Our first to present was Ut Aya. New to building he presented a nicely detailed sword, The Reborn, a work in progess.

Leda Sands was quite ambitious with her work presenting several pieces of her steam turbines along with some history of steam turbines. With moving parts and gears, her turbine included an oil-fired water tube boiler with a blower. And like inventor Charles Parsons, Leda went on to create and share with us this day, the Adaptable Personal Conveyance (aka Steam Cruiser/Dragster/Plane). Exhaust, loud compressed air horn, wings to fly and burning rubber are just a few of the things this vehicle is capable of.

Also presented was a lovely white carousel featuring horses by Cheen Pitney. Put together and presented by Simoleia Kavka, it played music while it rotated.

Another vehicle by Ilsa Munro was presented. A steampunkish hydroplane with paddlewheels. A video of her work can be seen here.

Kryptonia Paperdoll was back to show and tell with a lovely pair of boots. Made from a mix of sculpts and prims , the boots have a simple Resizing Script

Last up was Holocluck Henly. Sadly his piece didn’t rez well for most in attendance. Seems it appeared as an ice cream cone to many and this started a lot of chat about food making many hungry :) Fortunately I was able to see and posted in world a proper snap to share to all. Holo's latest is a work in progress, a lovely space ship. The larger top may be used house a control room. As I had seen his earlier attempt at this piece, I was pleasantly surprised at the progress Holo has made with his creations in SL and work with sculpties.

My vote this week goes to Kayn Munro who shared her “Bottled Avatar” .

At one end is a stand. When you ‘’sit’’ on it a rubberband flings your av over to a bottle and your av is sucked into the bottle which is then closed with a cork. This is must see in world to fully appreciated it. Kayn animated it herself and made the sounds. I really loved the sound of the av squeezing into the bottle.

Well done Kayn!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Flo’s vote for July 13, 2008

Decisions, decisions… what to vote for this week?!?!? Something innovative that can help reduce lag at a crowded event? An awesome piece of underappreciated talent for texture creations? Or maybe just something simple and fun?

Let me start with this first. At the start of the show Rad Hand mentioned "Somebody was asking about how to price things... has a good article." I took a peak at the page and it looks interesting. So if you were the one who asked about how to price your creations, this seems a good place to start.

Now onto the presenters-

Lubo Beaton started the show with his innovative lag reducing seating. It basically is a set of chairs that when you sit on them your avatar becomes covered by a box; therefore there is no avatar to render. This would cut down on lag as you will have less to render. So for those events when watching the audience is not as important as watching the actor or presenter, this would be great. It would also enable one having an event to draw in people who usually avoid crowded venues because of a slow connection or PC. And as some at show and tell mentioned… no need to dress to go to theater!

A sad couch, time out corner, chair and rejection stool, all made up a line of the most depressing furniture ever. The line is called, "The Most Depressing Furniture Ever." Created by Severin Whitfield, this line started as something for him to do to kill time.

First time presenting at Show and Tell, Kayn Munro shared her "One Man Band". Her entertaining creation consisted of a drum, drum sticks, leg cymbals and harmonica. It plays two songs and all the animation work is original and created by Kayn.

Seeing the work done by Supremius Maximus makes one realize the art form that texturing truly is. Supremius show off his textures using a mobile-like art glass sculpture. Also presented for his first time Supremius specializes in SL art glass and is fond of Frank Lloyd Wright's style. Sup did the textures all by hand. Truly lovely work, do check them out in world.

After mentioning that her previous presentation, the Moewe, is now available in a tiny version, Ilsa Munro showed the Flapter. It's from a Japanese animated film "Laputa". The Flapter comes in a tiny version also. Both versions have custom poses and animated wings. They also have a built in rooster tail particle effect for when they fly within one meter of the water. You can watch a demo of it here.

Bryn Oh, still making music boxes, presented "The Rhinobot", a lovely sculpture piece. When you press a button on its stomach the chime plays and it recites a poem.

Looking handsome, Ahmad Hosho showed a gray version of his suit. He presented it with and without the jacket and showed it with two ties… one textured and one prim. I was partial to the prim one that was nicely textured and loved the knot in the fold!

And for something simple and fun, check out Areal Loonie's helium balloons and lawn chair! Great for a lazy flight across the grid.

My vote this week goes to Pandora Wrigglesworth for her Happy Missile with Underground Silo.

To best describe it, let me use Pandora's own words…

So your neighbors have a Super Fun Cannon, do they? When it comes to household armament, you can't afford to fall behind. If you love your children and want them to grow up happy, it's time to invest in a Happy Missile. You do love your children, don't you? Don't you? Install this Happy Missile Silo and you will have an endless supply of Happy Missiles. When properly calibrated, each missile is guaranteed to fire straight up and explode to the delight of the entire neighborhood.

Seats Up To Fourteen!

Tiny Compatible!

Silo Is Just 8 Prims!

20% Chance of Kittens with Parachutes!

Beware low ceilings. Not recommended for indoor use.

And for your viewing pleasure, here is a video made by Crap Mariner of his discovery of the Happy Missile. Enjoy and see you next Sunday at Show and Tell in Lummerland.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

flo's vote for July 6, 2008

This week show was so full... with presenters and with those just there to see it all. We had one of our largest crowds to date (62 avs I believe). Also we filled the board early and had to turn down eight additional people. I also put myself in the sad and difficult position of telling one person I had said they could present they couldn't as I miscounted names on my list :(

Now the show...

Holocluck Henly started the show with a "hard hat alert". His "Cartoon World Plaza", intended to be an entry place to his cartoon gallery in the sky, was open air with a terra cotta stone floor with marble and smoked glass.

Freyja Poliatevska was impressive... showing her first build plus educating some of us (well myself at least :)) about the problems with weapons being primmie. She decided to try to make a sword that was aesthetically pleasing, and also low-prim. And she then rezzed a very nice, simple but elegant sword that was a total 10 prims plus a couple for sheath.

Six Igaly was smoking when he introduced us to Mr. Match Stick Man, his first avatar. He is a real hottie in that av and lit up our lives! A must to check out the pictures (see photo stream in upper right)

In full spirit of sharing and learning we strive for at our event, Gryff Richard shared his technique he uses to make textures. Basically, he makes a wireframe of 3d object, imports it into Daz to texture it using lighting and shadows then render it to a flat texture and use that for the SL upload. Gryff will be working on a tutorial of this for beginners, and when he has it online we will post the URL.

Showing again this week, Ilsa Munro's presentation this week started with bat wings she made in Wings3d which reminded her of a movie called Nausicaa which led to her building this week’s entry, her Moewe glider It is a glider with a jet engine to assist in take off and maneuvering. It has a very cool Chase Camera function. It's sort of like the camera is mounted on another aircraft following you. To quote Ilsa, "The effect is really neat - it's like watching yourself in a movie. It also allows you to see things from an almost third person perspective. Loops and rolls for example are insanely cool."... You can watch it here. About halfway thru this clip the view switches from standard camera to chase camera mode. "It might be one of the most impractical vehicles ever, but it definitely is one of the most elegant ones :)" said Barney. And now as you watch Ilsa's video of her glider, I am off to Netflix to see bout getting "Nausicaa" as it seems I was only one in attendance not aware of it lol.

“I have always had a love for building things” started Paisley Ganesvoort. She has recently decided to branch out into building things for smaller folk, and is considering selling homes that she builds. She tries to keep my design simple and the prims down for the most part. Paisley continued, “I build without primdocker or other fancy assistance. I use math and my eyes. I have not used original textures as I have not learned how to do that yet. .” The house she presented had a foot print of 10x10. It was nice, in a retro deco style. IM Paisley Ganesvoort directly if interested in her work as she has no shop.

Quite some time ago I purchased a Luminary from Robin Sojourner . On Sunday she showed her updated Luminarai with summer designs on them. When you click, you should get a menu that allows you to turn them on, or off, or full bright or set to Auto or change the color. The scripts are arranged so that you can change the color or state, and it will keep the design. Robin also explained that “the patterns aren't actually transparent, to avoid Alpha Sorting, so if you look from the inside of the bag, they look blue to give the illusion of looking out of the bright bag into the dark night. Otherwise, I'd have made them opaque on the outside, and transparent on the inside.” The Luminary comes in one and two prim varieties.

Stsfuzzybear Hush wandered through the sandbox at ElvenMyst and noticed there was a building contest in process. Others had four days to create their build. With one day remaining to create something, Fuzzy created her lovely iridescent colored glass table with plates goblet and bowl that she presented on Sunday. Some of the pieces are transparent, some not, all have a tiny bit of glow.

And this week my vote is for Crap Mariner's Spence billboard!

Crap Mariner runs a music venue on Edloe Island. A friend made a poster for an upcoming event, and Crap decided to spruce it up. He animated it, added 3d elements, gears and oil drops. The billboard is meant as part of his clocktower. You can see a video of his build here and read more about it at his blog. Or better yet, visit it in world

Below is a snap of the billboard as it is in Edloe. More snaps in the photo stream upper right of this page.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Just stumbled on this

2:00PM - 3:00PM
"Покажи и расскажи" - каждый желающий может принести свои работы (одежда, мебель, транспортные средства, скульптуры и прочее) в Lummerland, выставить их для всеобщего просмотра и, возможно, получить приз в 500 линден-долларов. Важно: авторство работ должно быть полностью вашими, соавторство запрещено. Работы должны быть представлены до 2:30 РМ. Свяжитесь с организаторами мероприятия Florenze Kerensky по IM. Если вы не будете участвовать в выставке, то просто приходите посмотреть, что возможно создать в SL.


2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
"Show and tell" - everyone who wants to can bring their works (clothing, furniture, vehicles, sculptures and others) in Lummerland, exhibit them for the world to see, and possibly receive a prize in the 500-Linden dollars. . Important: authorship of works should be totally yours, sponsorship is forbidden. Works should be submitted before 2:30 PM.. Contact event organizers Florenze Kerensky on IM. If you do not participate in the exhibition, simply come to see that it is possible to establish in SL

Seeing post in Russian put a smile on my face. Simple me, having Ukrainian roots, just wanted to share :) And yes, I can read Cyrillic :P

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

flo's vote for June 29, 2008

Vlad Ganesvoort presented an interactive piece he is still working on, Castle Aurburn the Jewellery Castle. Encased in a globe that you touch to open, you can click on crystals inside to turn on weather effects: rain, snow and fireworks! Many details to looks at and many interactive. It is a bit primmie now but Vlad is learning sculpties and hopes to have less prims when he is finished. It is a must see in world! (note...I’ve let Vlad set up his castle on some land I have. You can see it here until he gets his own place)

Holocluck Henly was in festive mode, with a couple of major holidays coming up he made two splashy Holiday Weekender pools for them... Canada Day and the Fourth of July! the waters move with kaleidoscopic effect on the surface.

Frofidor Niekerk showed his amazing model of a Turbo Dragon. His plans for it may be an avatar someday or a single object drivable of some sort.

Bloodsong Termagant shared the wonder and majesty of his tiny rideable pig. Since the more toal prims in an objext, the longer it takes to send link messages so Blood's pig is more soundly designed then his Tiny Tauntaun. Doing this pig, Blood feels he has made the most animated rideable creature to date. And if you could see all this creature is capable of, you would say the same. One example is the interactivity... you can feed your pig, skritch it, pinch its ear and/or pull its tail. Check it out in world to see its exhaustive list of features!

Eleanora Newell presented a sculpty sculpture patterned after some photos of native american warriors. It has the feel of a large wood carving.

Bryn Oh showed a hybrid animal music box, Rabbicorn. When you touch his nose, inside is a button to play the music with a poem...
: Sits forlorn
: The Rabbicorn
: A robot gift
: Set adrift
: In settled dust
: With spots of rust
: A once treasured toy
: Of a boy
Bryn like to hide thing in her builds, so for this one, it is activated by saying "Rabbicorn" in chat which opens part of base to reveal second part of poem.

Marion Questi demonstrated a personal calculator in the form of a slide rule. In RL, slide rules can't add or subtract, but this one can. You can use it as a basic 4 function calculator, for example to add a set of numbers. you can use if for more more complex expressions with nested parens, exponents, log and trig functions. Marion went on to explain, "So you're thinking...if it really is a calculator...why make a slide rule? Why not box it in the shape of an HP-35, which was the handheld calculator that killed the slide rule in 1972, and which had about the same functionality as the script I have written. Well, up until that time, the slide rule was the badge of the engineer. Slide rules rode along on every Apollo mission. And James Watt, originally an instrument maker, developed a slide rule of improved precision for use in the design of his steam engines. So the slide rule is a legitimate icon in the Steampunk world. And unlike the Difference Engine and the Analytical Engine, slide rules were in general use in Victorian times."

Ilsa Munro presentation this week, was it inspired by her browsing of google image as usual? Noooooo! This week her inspiration was something she saw on a tee shirt... Artoo Tweetoo! It will operate as a remote controled vehicle. Sweet piece, and another you need to see in action :)

(sings along)....."will you be my neighbor?" That was a remark from someone after Judy Brodie rezzed her "Ode to Mr. Rogers". She made it for a museum dedicated to classic kid shows. She is currently working on puppets for it. Thanks for the memories Judy!

My Vote this week goes to...

Bryn Oh's The Rabbitcorn.

If you stop by to visit her new gallery you will need to know this... drop thru floor... then click on trap door and drop again. There is a computer there to open passage, type =^.^= then explore her awesome pieces. Look for notes she places around to make a little story for the place. Here is a snap of another of her pieces, "Robotmom and Child".

I will close with another of her poems...
: Found your picture fallen behind the cupboard
: You were chasing me around the tree
: My smile was parted to say some word
: But I no longer remember what it was going to be
: I wish I had told you about the love I feel
: Memories of you as I grieve
: I will encase your soul in a body of steel
: And bring you back so you won't have to leave

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Link for more snaps of Show and Tell

A big thank you to waelya Tenk for suggesting I add a link for Show and Tell photos at Snapzilla. I will add it to link list on right. Again, ty waelya!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

flo's vote for June 22, 2008

Although turn out for the show on June 22nd was about usual size,it was a small one with the number of presenters -six. Fortunate for them the amount donated for the prize pot was rather large so award linden amounts were rather substantial.

Arawn Spitteler showed The Morph!It's a teleporter with multiple choice of how it can look and where you can go.

Lilianna Meriman showed one of the most cat-like av skins I have seen. A lovely skin with an optional prim face. A two-in-one avatar! She showed it with a sweet cat tree she made that same day.

Talk about High Fashion taking designs to new heights! Pandora Wrigglesworth's new Uber Platform Boots, the highest heels in all the grid have a full built-in AO...including a custom dance gesture. I particularly liked the hard landing anim... the shoes made it look like bouncing on a pogo stick. They also have a variety of colors and patterns through a touch-menu.

Jeneve Felwitch shared her wonderful stars. Kaleidoscopic-like, they are one prim sculpties with an animated texture. The possibilities are endless for different looks with just a texture change.

My vote this week goes to...

Ilsa Munro who created a "Surveyor". Ever try to set up a sky plat over your parcel, and tried to center it just so? Have part of build done in sky and have it auto return because you were building partially over linden land? Well rez Ilsa's Surveyor on the ground of you parcel and it will scurry along looking for a change in the parcel name and use that to find the corners of your parcel. In each corner it will drop a beacon that will be the height you pre set and voila! when you go in the air you will see beacons marking corner of your parcel! It will then auto delete the beacons or turned on and off with chat commands. She has it for sale at her shop and on SLX for the staggering sum of 100L

Monday, June 16, 2008

flo's vote for June 15, 2008

This week...

Holocluck Henly showed a fun way to view videos at home with his zebra tv.

Paddy Wright had something old again... a magic lantern with screen. (flo makes mental note to do a lil post someday on some of the work he has presented in past).

Marianne McCann shared the themed build she did for her plot in Bay City and was considerate enough to give a hard hat alert before rezzing it :)

A little tank with the TCS combat system integrated was shown by Bela Libezki.

This week, Ilsa Munro was inspired by Jules Verne and showed a space ship.

Corcosman Voom presented his "Self Portrait in Red"

Although it took some time to rez, Eleanora Newell's Panda Mother and Baby was worth the wait!

Robin Sojourner showed a picnic table with a cloth that can change color on click.

Finishing the show, Bloodsong Termagant dug deep into his inventory and shared an older build of his... a lovely ying yang grotto.

My vote this week is...

Self Portrait in Red by Corcosman Voom. I loved the concept, the color, the movement. Sadly, the snap doesn't show the movement of the piece, so a must see in world.

You can see it at a exhibit at Man-a-hatta Gallery.

Now... all of you... go bang and hammer on some pixels and prims. Stitch together some textures, mix in some animations, sounds, and light too!

See you next Sunday at Show and Tell.

Monday, June 9, 2008

flo's Vote for June 8, 2008

Oh what a Show on Sunday... database was sad again. I had a horrid time taking snaps (thanks to all who manage to get some) and the every present ghosted cart that was seen by some. With all of that, show went on well otherwise and again I am having a hard time picking one to vote for this week.

Yngwie Krogstad bought a sand castle recently to live in, and he couldn't find any nautical themed beds, so he made one, a sculpted clamshell bed.

Pygar Bu built the whole Apollo set for his space explorer play set.

Frofidor Niekerk showed a Gamma Overlord armor set.

Ilsa Munro, yet again inspired when she saw a drawing in Google images, presented an antique golf cart.

And for those magnificent men who like flying machines, Largo Lax showed his airship home.

With his Carmel Apple Teleporter, Arawn Spitteler figured a way to build a better teleporter.

An if you thought dodo's were extinct, you haven't seen Martini Discovolante Dodo Avatar yet :)

Take a snap of yourself or group of friends with one of Biran Gould's Photo-Sit set ups. With changing pics... better the an rl version!

Stsfuzzybear Hush had everyone's mouth watering with her realistic and detailed Medieval Kitchen.

I initially narrowed my choices to three... Biran Gould's fun photo set,Stsfuzzybear Hush Medieval Kitchen, and Martini Discovolante's Dodo.

This week I vote for the Dodo avatar by Martini Discovolante!

It is mostly sculpted with lovely textures and coloring of feathers and beak. For an extinct bird, I think we will be seeing quite a few around the grid soon!

Monday, June 2, 2008

flo's Vote for June 1, 2008

What variety we had this week!

A prongy, spiky, mysterious art piece by Ahmad Hosho.

Something small and fun from Robin Sojourner.

An accidental F-86 tracer with real jet sounds, Terra Combat System and retractable landing gear by Skye Tracer, two versions :)

A lovely dream-like outside bed with birds that whisper in your ears by four Yip. Sadly snap I have doesn't do it justice.

Bloodsong Termangant created a lovely and finely built white horse avatar.

Inspiration found in Google Images by Ilsa Munro for her Rotoplane.

No hard hats were needed when Largo Lax showed his lovely Victorian Greenhouse... he made a miniature copy of it!

And last, Mango Splash showed a fifth element type prim avatar outfit.

Reading chat the day after the show, I get to see much of it that I miss while taking snaps and busy in IMs. I must say... half of the fun of show and tell is the chat! So much great advice given and received...ideas constantly flowing. And the humor and joking...I am still laughing at some of the lines I read :) Anyhow, on to...

My vote this week goes to...Robin Sojourner who showed "Primsicles"

They come in a box of six flavors. Click on the box and wear the primsicle you get. It will give an unlimited number, so if you don't get the flavor you want, click again. The fun is watching it drip and it melts away as you eat it. When you're done, you'll be left with a stained popsicle stick. If you Detach it before it's gone, it'll be where it was when you reattach it.

The fudgesicles are going to be in the next group to be made. Also...Robin is going to have them for tinies soon.

Robin had my vote a few weeks ago for this lovely tea set.

When you touch the tray, the cups and creamer fill, steam
comes from the teapot, 3 petit fours appear on the
luncheon plate and it says, "Tea is served." When you
touch it again, it all goes away, leaving spotless

If you touch the teapot, it gives you a cup of tea to
hold in your right hand, and an empty saucer to hold in
your left. If you touch the plate, it gives you your own
plate of petit fours. She mentioned today that she has
variation of this set that doesn't have the flowers and
has color-changing napkins. You can see more snaps at
Robin's website

Monday, May 26, 2008

flo's Vote for May 25,2008

Posted by Picasa

"TAMA tiny junk v153-flyer whispers: We are stopped, O Master of the SEAS. You may say START to resume flight"

These were the first words seen when Eleanora Newell was called onto stage to present at May 25 show and tell and is my vote this week.

Eleanor and crew floated to stage on junk to present the latest from her new tinies store with a decidely asian theme, "tiny tama". tama is the name of the temple cat who became the legendary maneki neko.Presented were outfits such as a samurai, south seas pirate and sunset hakama, each coming with its own sword.

Myself, being fond of asian themes, liked this entry right away :)

Others to present today...

Ilsa Munro showed her Veloci Copter

Bloodsong Termagant presented Ice Cream Cone avatars

Mily Sartre had lovely baby furnishings

Largo Lax had a Flying Observatory

Paige Raven showed a house

MissKillian Barbosa created a scripted dollhouse with furniture

Crap Mariner presented? @secondlie

Kenster2 Bade made a sl copy of his rl house

For snaps see slide show upper right :)

See you all next Sunday, 2pm slt in Lummerland

Sunday, May 25, 2008

additionally on May 25th

We had a special request to present. For those of you familiar with Twitter and follow Secondlie... this may be of interest. Posted below are snippets from chat log. More about Crap Mariner's presentation can be read here I am @secondlie ... or am I?

Crap Mariner: My presentation is a bit unusual by this venue's standards. Possibly lame. We'll see.

Crap Mariner: i'll give that a second to rez.

Crap Mariner: What I've built is not an object or script, but a satirical entity, and I think it's time for the reveal.

Crap Mariner: A little background... The Web 2.0 instant messaging service Twitter ( allows people to text 140 character messages to a “party line” message service. You can follow people through the web, instant messengers like gmail, or via cell phone.

Crap Mariner: It has become a haven for Second Lifers, sending messages to each other outside of the usual constraints of the SL instant messaging service.

Crap Mariner: If you aren't using it already, I highly recommend it to people looking to get mass messages out to folks who'd want to follow them. (Although trying to follow a lot of people at once can feel like drinking from a firehose)
Barney Boomslang: yeah, and it is buggy as hell, too, and down often, so we feel right at home ;)

Trin Slade: Does that board say "Second Lie"?

Crap Mariner: (heh)
Crap Mariner: Yes, it does.

Modfire Milland: Aaahh!
Crap Mariner: There are three very useful accounts to follow on Twitter: SecondLife, SLGrid Status, and Torley. SecondLife is announcements that often appear on the blog, SLGridStatus will announce problems with the grid (when does THAT ever happen), and Torley has fantastic motivational things to say as well as his video links.

Crap Mariner: Follow = subscribe, listen, friend, etc.

Crap Mariner: Of course, this presents a lot of material for satire, and that's what I thought a month ago when I created the SecondLie account and invited some friends to share the account with me.
Zillion Blackadder: It's YOU!
Crap Mariner: The rules were simple: No personal attacks, no shameless plugs. Keep it funny and lighthearted. And have fun with it.

florenze Kerensky: oh my

Crap Mariner: We've been posting parodies and lighthearted jabs at the “official” accounts, and having some fun exchanges with SL regulars on their accounts.

Barney Boomslang: tsk. and I took it all for real! ;)
Crap Mariner: mini or microblogging is one term people use for it

Crap Mariner: I figured SecondLie could be a silly response or rejoinder to the official channels, insane puns, goofy office hour announcements, and I think people have gotten a kick out of reading the notices and writing them.

Crap Mariner: The beauty of it is that you have no idea who's posting what. So even though you know that I was the ringleader, did I really post any of those 1,000 posts? Who posted what?
Zillion Blackadder: Yes, they are brilliant
florenze Kerensky: who is ''we''?

Crap Mariner: It shows just a glimpse at what folks can do with social networking technology and, of course, a bit of humor.
Rad Hand: Fantastic :)
Modfire Milland: Aaahh!

Barney Boomslang: - that's the web address if you want to see it there
Crap Mariner: Thanks to everyone who's been a part of SecondLie (they'll be shouting “I am SecondLie Swindlen” on the main timeline, I believe), the readers, and, of course, Linden Lab for providing plenty of material to work with recently. I hope there's no hard feelings from any of it... was going for the “laugh with you” and not the “laugh at you.”
florenze Kerensky: you are secondlie???

Tormento Sansome: Applause!!
Hulaboom Voom: yay!
Joseph Montagne applauds
Rad Hand applauds!
Geda Hax applauds
Bryn Oh: YAY!
Tormento Sansome: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy!!! :D :D :D
MissKillian Barbosa: yay
Crap Mariner: What will become of SecondLie? We'll see.

Zillion Blackadder: *clap clap*
Crap Mariner salutes

florenze Kerensky applauds
Barney Boomslang applauds
Paddy Wright: well said sir!....what a load of Crap;))
Stsfuzzybear Hush applauds

Crap Mariner: Any questions?

Bloodsong Termagant: crap is just a spokesperson, a puppet they hired to present their views. ;)

florenze Kerensky: you going to continue as secondlie/

Crap Mariner: Possibly.
Rad Hand: Hehee

Bree Birke: good going, Crap - I've been trying to avoid YET ANOTHER ACCOUNT - you're talkin' me into it
florenze Kerensky: have enjoyed your posting very much
Crap Mariner: Yes, but was it really me? ;)

Crap Mariner salutes.
You: rolf
Artemis Dreamscape: lol

Barney Boomslang applauds

Tormento Sansome: Applause!!

Fox Obviate: applause
Sidda Leigh:
florenze Kerensky: oh did... did secondlie really out themself or not????

The Little Event That Could - And Did

Want to know about Show and Tell in Lummerland? A place to share and learn creating skills in Second Life. Creators share skills learned, problems found and sometimes come with incomplete builds and are stumped with how to go next. Audience offers comments and suggestions. It is meant to be a two way process of bettering skills. We try for a mix of skills... newbie and oldbie, and have a few regulars who we've watched progress in their skills :)

My co-host Barney wrote a nice post on his site... a lil bit of how it works, some history and more. You can read it here...The Little Event That Could - And Did