Thursday, June 26, 2008

Link for more snaps of Show and Tell

A big thank you to waelya Tenk for suggesting I add a link for Show and Tell photos at Snapzilla. I will add it to link list on right. Again, ty waelya!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

flo's vote for June 22, 2008

Although turn out for the show on June 22nd was about usual size,it was a small one with the number of presenters -six. Fortunate for them the amount donated for the prize pot was rather large so award linden amounts were rather substantial.

Arawn Spitteler showed The Morph!It's a teleporter with multiple choice of how it can look and where you can go.

Lilianna Meriman showed one of the most cat-like av skins I have seen. A lovely skin with an optional prim face. A two-in-one avatar! She showed it with a sweet cat tree she made that same day.

Talk about High Fashion taking designs to new heights! Pandora Wrigglesworth's new Uber Platform Boots, the highest heels in all the grid have a full built-in AO...including a custom dance gesture. I particularly liked the hard landing anim... the shoes made it look like bouncing on a pogo stick. They also have a variety of colors and patterns through a touch-menu.

Jeneve Felwitch shared her wonderful stars. Kaleidoscopic-like, they are one prim sculpties with an animated texture. The possibilities are endless for different looks with just a texture change.

My vote this week goes to...

Ilsa Munro who created a "Surveyor". Ever try to set up a sky plat over your parcel, and tried to center it just so? Have part of build done in sky and have it auto return because you were building partially over linden land? Well rez Ilsa's Surveyor on the ground of you parcel and it will scurry along looking for a change in the parcel name and use that to find the corners of your parcel. In each corner it will drop a beacon that will be the height you pre set and voila! when you go in the air you will see beacons marking corner of your parcel! It will then auto delete the beacons or turned on and off with chat commands. She has it for sale at her shop and on SLX for the staggering sum of 100L

Monday, June 16, 2008

flo's vote for June 15, 2008

This week...

Holocluck Henly showed a fun way to view videos at home with his zebra tv.

Paddy Wright had something old again... a magic lantern with screen. (flo makes mental note to do a lil post someday on some of the work he has presented in past).

Marianne McCann shared the themed build she did for her plot in Bay City and was considerate enough to give a hard hat alert before rezzing it :)

A little tank with the TCS combat system integrated was shown by Bela Libezki.

This week, Ilsa Munro was inspired by Jules Verne and showed a space ship.

Corcosman Voom presented his "Self Portrait in Red"

Although it took some time to rez, Eleanora Newell's Panda Mother and Baby was worth the wait!

Robin Sojourner showed a picnic table with a cloth that can change color on click.

Finishing the show, Bloodsong Termagant dug deep into his inventory and shared an older build of his... a lovely ying yang grotto.

My vote this week is...

Self Portrait in Red by Corcosman Voom. I loved the concept, the color, the movement. Sadly, the snap doesn't show the movement of the piece, so a must see in world.

You can see it at a exhibit at Man-a-hatta Gallery.

Now... all of you... go bang and hammer on some pixels and prims. Stitch together some textures, mix in some animations, sounds, and light too!

See you next Sunday at Show and Tell.

Monday, June 9, 2008

flo's Vote for June 8, 2008

Oh what a Show on Sunday... database was sad again. I had a horrid time taking snaps (thanks to all who manage to get some) and the every present ghosted cart that was seen by some. With all of that, show went on well otherwise and again I am having a hard time picking one to vote for this week.

Yngwie Krogstad bought a sand castle recently to live in, and he couldn't find any nautical themed beds, so he made one, a sculpted clamshell bed.

Pygar Bu built the whole Apollo set for his space explorer play set.

Frofidor Niekerk showed a Gamma Overlord armor set.

Ilsa Munro, yet again inspired when she saw a drawing in Google images, presented an antique golf cart.

And for those magnificent men who like flying machines, Largo Lax showed his airship home.

With his Carmel Apple Teleporter, Arawn Spitteler figured a way to build a better teleporter.

An if you thought dodo's were extinct, you haven't seen Martini Discovolante Dodo Avatar yet :)

Take a snap of yourself or group of friends with one of Biran Gould's Photo-Sit set ups. With changing pics... better the an rl version!

Stsfuzzybear Hush had everyone's mouth watering with her realistic and detailed Medieval Kitchen.

I initially narrowed my choices to three... Biran Gould's fun photo set,Stsfuzzybear Hush Medieval Kitchen, and Martini Discovolante's Dodo.

This week I vote for the Dodo avatar by Martini Discovolante!

It is mostly sculpted with lovely textures and coloring of feathers and beak. For an extinct bird, I think we will be seeing quite a few around the grid soon!

Monday, June 2, 2008

flo's Vote for June 1, 2008

What variety we had this week!

A prongy, spiky, mysterious art piece by Ahmad Hosho.

Something small and fun from Robin Sojourner.

An accidental F-86 tracer with real jet sounds, Terra Combat System and retractable landing gear by Skye Tracer, two versions :)

A lovely dream-like outside bed with birds that whisper in your ears by four Yip. Sadly snap I have doesn't do it justice.

Bloodsong Termangant created a lovely and finely built white horse avatar.

Inspiration found in Google Images by Ilsa Munro for her Rotoplane.

No hard hats were needed when Largo Lax showed his lovely Victorian Greenhouse... he made a miniature copy of it!

And last, Mango Splash showed a fifth element type prim avatar outfit.

Reading chat the day after the show, I get to see much of it that I miss while taking snaps and busy in IMs. I must say... half of the fun of show and tell is the chat! So much great advice given and received...ideas constantly flowing. And the humor and joking...I am still laughing at some of the lines I read :) Anyhow, on to...

My vote this week goes to...Robin Sojourner who showed "Primsicles"

They come in a box of six flavors. Click on the box and wear the primsicle you get. It will give an unlimited number, so if you don't get the flavor you want, click again. The fun is watching it drip and it melts away as you eat it. When you're done, you'll be left with a stained popsicle stick. If you Detach it before it's gone, it'll be where it was when you reattach it.

The fudgesicles are going to be in the next group to be made. Also...Robin is going to have them for tinies soon.

Robin had my vote a few weeks ago for this lovely tea set.

When you touch the tray, the cups and creamer fill, steam
comes from the teapot, 3 petit fours appear on the
luncheon plate and it says, "Tea is served." When you
touch it again, it all goes away, leaving spotless

If you touch the teapot, it gives you a cup of tea to
hold in your right hand, and an empty saucer to hold in
your left. If you touch the plate, it gives you your own
plate of petit fours. She mentioned today that she has
variation of this set that doesn't have the flowers and
has color-changing napkins. You can see more snaps at
Robin's website