Sunday, February 1, 2009

flo's vote for January 25, 2009

Ziah Oki - robotic attachments

Piter Redstar - Iberian Lynx

Holocluck Henly - Happy Buddha Jasmine Pool, pagoda and gazebo

Judy Brodie - candy delight

Betty Tureaud - time traveler

Otto Jeffries - magic bean stalk

Pandora Wrigglesworth - Teddy Scare

Bela Lubezki - airship. Bela has much better snaps of her entry here

paramparamm Papp - steam powered brain implant

My vote this week goes to...
From show and tell 01.25.09
Pandora Wrigglesworth for her Teddy Scare

It's cute and snuggly to sit in, or hide inside and wait till someone comes by and scare them when you jump out! Very nicely done, and lots of fun hehe. Plus, only ten prims and tiny compatible too!

Look at snaps of all presentations at upper right of this post or click here

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