Sunday, April 19, 2009

Flo's Vote for April 19, 2009

First I would like to thank Crap Mariner for his comments about show and tell he wrote on his blog and most recently this "Show, Tell, and Get Your Ass Stomped In The Voting (and love it)"

Now on to today's show...

List of presenters:

Jeran42 Claxton - Shadow Board Client

Zik Lionheart - Paint paleta

BrightAmberG String - 'SpearFrenzy'

Asterion Coen - Lamda Shuttle

beren llewellyn - Alice's Garden Umbrella

Holocluck Henly - Googie Style Fishing Pond

Connor Whitman - skins

Dave Whitehead - kirov airship with hangar

Rew Weatherwax - Ancient Jetson

My vote this week goes to...

From show and tell 04.19.09

Beren Llewellyn's - Alice's Garden Umbrella

This must be seen in person to fully appreciate all of it's magic!

From beren's info card for the umbrella...What does it do? Well, there's an owner menu built in that allows you to play a number of fun animations or set the color and texture on it. There's also a weather (and other fun poofers) system built in that interacts with the umbrella (built only area's). The umbrella also acts as an an ao with a walk, fly, sit, sit ground and a few stand animations.

/me saunters off, umbrella in hand humming "Singing in the Rain"

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florenze Kerensky said...

edited post to add one contestant i missed naming (sorry jeran ) and correct link.