Sunday, May 25, 2008

additionally on May 25th

We had a special request to present. For those of you familiar with Twitter and follow Secondlie... this may be of interest. Posted below are snippets from chat log. More about Crap Mariner's presentation can be read here I am @secondlie ... or am I?

Crap Mariner: My presentation is a bit unusual by this venue's standards. Possibly lame. We'll see.

Crap Mariner: i'll give that a second to rez.

Crap Mariner: What I've built is not an object or script, but a satirical entity, and I think it's time for the reveal.

Crap Mariner: A little background... The Web 2.0 instant messaging service Twitter ( allows people to text 140 character messages to a “party line” message service. You can follow people through the web, instant messengers like gmail, or via cell phone.

Crap Mariner: It has become a haven for Second Lifers, sending messages to each other outside of the usual constraints of the SL instant messaging service.

Crap Mariner: If you aren't using it already, I highly recommend it to people looking to get mass messages out to folks who'd want to follow them. (Although trying to follow a lot of people at once can feel like drinking from a firehose)
Barney Boomslang: yeah, and it is buggy as hell, too, and down often, so we feel right at home ;)

Trin Slade: Does that board say "Second Lie"?

Crap Mariner: (heh)
Crap Mariner: Yes, it does.

Modfire Milland: Aaahh!
Crap Mariner: There are three very useful accounts to follow on Twitter: SecondLife, SLGrid Status, and Torley. SecondLife is announcements that often appear on the blog, SLGridStatus will announce problems with the grid (when does THAT ever happen), and Torley has fantastic motivational things to say as well as his video links.

Crap Mariner: Follow = subscribe, listen, friend, etc.

Crap Mariner: Of course, this presents a lot of material for satire, and that's what I thought a month ago when I created the SecondLie account and invited some friends to share the account with me.
Zillion Blackadder: It's YOU!
Crap Mariner: The rules were simple: No personal attacks, no shameless plugs. Keep it funny and lighthearted. And have fun with it.

florenze Kerensky: oh my

Crap Mariner: We've been posting parodies and lighthearted jabs at the “official” accounts, and having some fun exchanges with SL regulars on their accounts.

Barney Boomslang: tsk. and I took it all for real! ;)
Crap Mariner: mini or microblogging is one term people use for it

Crap Mariner: I figured SecondLie could be a silly response or rejoinder to the official channels, insane puns, goofy office hour announcements, and I think people have gotten a kick out of reading the notices and writing them.

Crap Mariner: The beauty of it is that you have no idea who's posting what. So even though you know that I was the ringleader, did I really post any of those 1,000 posts? Who posted what?
Zillion Blackadder: Yes, they are brilliant
florenze Kerensky: who is ''we''?

Crap Mariner: It shows just a glimpse at what folks can do with social networking technology and, of course, a bit of humor.
Rad Hand: Fantastic :)
Modfire Milland: Aaahh!

Barney Boomslang: - that's the web address if you want to see it there
Crap Mariner: Thanks to everyone who's been a part of SecondLie (they'll be shouting “I am SecondLie Swindlen” on the main timeline, I believe), the readers, and, of course, Linden Lab for providing plenty of material to work with recently. I hope there's no hard feelings from any of it... was going for the “laugh with you” and not the “laugh at you.”
florenze Kerensky: you are secondlie???

Tormento Sansome: Applause!!
Hulaboom Voom: yay!
Joseph Montagne applauds
Rad Hand applauds!
Geda Hax applauds
Bryn Oh: YAY!
Tormento Sansome: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy!!! :D :D :D
MissKillian Barbosa: yay
Crap Mariner: What will become of SecondLie? We'll see.

Zillion Blackadder: *clap clap*
Crap Mariner salutes

florenze Kerensky applauds
Barney Boomslang applauds
Paddy Wright: well said sir!....what a load of Crap;))
Stsfuzzybear Hush applauds

Crap Mariner: Any questions?

Bloodsong Termagant: crap is just a spokesperson, a puppet they hired to present their views. ;)

florenze Kerensky: you going to continue as secondlie/

Crap Mariner: Possibly.
Rad Hand: Hehee

Bree Birke: good going, Crap - I've been trying to avoid YET ANOTHER ACCOUNT - you're talkin' me into it
florenze Kerensky: have enjoyed your posting very much
Crap Mariner: Yes, but was it really me? ;)

Crap Mariner salutes.
You: rolf
Artemis Dreamscape: lol

Barney Boomslang applauds

Tormento Sansome: Applause!!

Fox Obviate: applause
Sidda Leigh:
florenze Kerensky: oh did... did secondlie really out themself or not????

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Bettina Tizzy said...

I just can't believe you haven't been deluged with comments after this excellent blogpost! I'm jealous, as a matter of fact. :D Some of us were aware that Crap was the puppeteer behind Second Lie, but the fact that he presented it at your Show and Tell is stupendous. What delightful cheek!