Monday, May 26, 2008

flo's Vote for May 25,2008

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"TAMA tiny junk v153-flyer whispers: We are stopped, O Master of the SEAS. You may say START to resume flight"

These were the first words seen when Eleanora Newell was called onto stage to present at May 25 show and tell and is my vote this week.

Eleanor and crew floated to stage on junk to present the latest from her new tinies store with a decidely asian theme, "tiny tama". tama is the name of the temple cat who became the legendary maneki neko.Presented were outfits such as a samurai, south seas pirate and sunset hakama, each coming with its own sword.

Myself, being fond of asian themes, liked this entry right away :)

Others to present today...

Ilsa Munro showed her Veloci Copter

Bloodsong Termagant presented Ice Cream Cone avatars

Mily Sartre had lovely baby furnishings

Largo Lax had a Flying Observatory

Paige Raven showed a house

MissKillian Barbosa created a scripted dollhouse with furniture

Crap Mariner presented? @secondlie

Kenster2 Bade made a sl copy of his rl house

For snaps see slide show upper right :)

See you all next Sunday, 2pm slt in Lummerland

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gryff said...

Excellent Flo!!!

You and Barney do a great job ... best S&T I have ever competed in.

I'm always amazed how contributions vary from interesting to way out, and how the builders vary from newbies to old pros ... yet everyone stands a chance.

Great show to learn from :)

gryff :)