Thursday, July 10, 2008

flo's vote for July 6, 2008

This week show was so full... with presenters and with those just there to see it all. We had one of our largest crowds to date (62 avs I believe). Also we filled the board early and had to turn down eight additional people. I also put myself in the sad and difficult position of telling one person I had said they could present they couldn't as I miscounted names on my list :(

Now the show...

Holocluck Henly started the show with a "hard hat alert". His "Cartoon World Plaza", intended to be an entry place to his cartoon gallery in the sky, was open air with a terra cotta stone floor with marble and smoked glass.

Freyja Poliatevska was impressive... showing her first build plus educating some of us (well myself at least :)) about the problems with weapons being primmie. She decided to try to make a sword that was aesthetically pleasing, and also low-prim. And she then rezzed a very nice, simple but elegant sword that was a total 10 prims plus a couple for sheath.

Six Igaly was smoking when he introduced us to Mr. Match Stick Man, his first avatar. He is a real hottie in that av and lit up our lives! A must to check out the pictures (see photo stream in upper right)

In full spirit of sharing and learning we strive for at our event, Gryff Richard shared his technique he uses to make textures. Basically, he makes a wireframe of 3d object, imports it into Daz to texture it using lighting and shadows then render it to a flat texture and use that for the SL upload. Gryff will be working on a tutorial of this for beginners, and when he has it online we will post the URL.

Showing again this week, Ilsa Munro's presentation this week started with bat wings she made in Wings3d which reminded her of a movie called Nausicaa which led to her building this week’s entry, her Moewe glider It is a glider with a jet engine to assist in take off and maneuvering. It has a very cool Chase Camera function. It's sort of like the camera is mounted on another aircraft following you. To quote Ilsa, "The effect is really neat - it's like watching yourself in a movie. It also allows you to see things from an almost third person perspective. Loops and rolls for example are insanely cool."... You can watch it here. About halfway thru this clip the view switches from standard camera to chase camera mode. "It might be one of the most impractical vehicles ever, but it definitely is one of the most elegant ones :)" said Barney. And now as you watch Ilsa's video of her glider, I am off to Netflix to see bout getting "Nausicaa" as it seems I was only one in attendance not aware of it lol.

“I have always had a love for building things” started Paisley Ganesvoort. She has recently decided to branch out into building things for smaller folk, and is considering selling homes that she builds. She tries to keep my design simple and the prims down for the most part. Paisley continued, “I build without primdocker or other fancy assistance. I use math and my eyes. I have not used original textures as I have not learned how to do that yet. .” The house she presented had a foot print of 10x10. It was nice, in a retro deco style. IM Paisley Ganesvoort directly if interested in her work as she has no shop.

Quite some time ago I purchased a Luminary from Robin Sojourner . On Sunday she showed her updated Luminarai with summer designs on them. When you click, you should get a menu that allows you to turn them on, or off, or full bright or set to Auto or change the color. The scripts are arranged so that you can change the color or state, and it will keep the design. Robin also explained that “the patterns aren't actually transparent, to avoid Alpha Sorting, so if you look from the inside of the bag, they look blue to give the illusion of looking out of the bright bag into the dark night. Otherwise, I'd have made them opaque on the outside, and transparent on the inside.” The Luminary comes in one and two prim varieties.

Stsfuzzybear Hush wandered through the sandbox at ElvenMyst and noticed there was a building contest in process. Others had four days to create their build. With one day remaining to create something, Fuzzy created her lovely iridescent colored glass table with plates goblet and bowl that she presented on Sunday. Some of the pieces are transparent, some not, all have a tiny bit of glow.

And this week my vote is for Crap Mariner's Spence billboard!

Crap Mariner runs a music venue on Edloe Island. A friend made a poster for an upcoming event, and Crap decided to spruce it up. He animated it, added 3d elements, gears and oil drops. The billboard is meant as part of his clocktower. You can see a video of his build here and read more about it at his blog. Or better yet, visit it in world

Below is a snap of the billboard as it is in Edloe. More snaps in the photo stream upper right of this page.

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