Friday, July 25, 2008

flo's vote for July 20, 2008

Our first to present was Ut Aya. New to building he presented a nicely detailed sword, The Reborn, a work in progess.

Leda Sands was quite ambitious with her work presenting several pieces of her steam turbines along with some history of steam turbines. With moving parts and gears, her turbine included an oil-fired water tube boiler with a blower. And like inventor Charles Parsons, Leda went on to create and share with us this day, the Adaptable Personal Conveyance (aka Steam Cruiser/Dragster/Plane). Exhaust, loud compressed air horn, wings to fly and burning rubber are just a few of the things this vehicle is capable of.

Also presented was a lovely white carousel featuring horses by Cheen Pitney. Put together and presented by Simoleia Kavka, it played music while it rotated.

Another vehicle by Ilsa Munro was presented. A steampunkish hydroplane with paddlewheels. A video of her work can be seen here.

Kryptonia Paperdoll was back to show and tell with a lovely pair of boots. Made from a mix of sculpts and prims , the boots have a simple Resizing Script

Last up was Holocluck Henly. Sadly his piece didn’t rez well for most in attendance. Seems it appeared as an ice cream cone to many and this started a lot of chat about food making many hungry :) Fortunately I was able to see and posted in world a proper snap to share to all. Holo's latest is a work in progress, a lovely space ship. The larger top may be used house a control room. As I had seen his earlier attempt at this piece, I was pleasantly surprised at the progress Holo has made with his creations in SL and work with sculpties.

My vote this week goes to Kayn Munro who shared her “Bottled Avatar” .

At one end is a stand. When you ‘’sit’’ on it a rubberband flings your av over to a bottle and your av is sucked into the bottle which is then closed with a cork. This is must see in world to fully appreciated it. Kayn animated it herself and made the sounds. I really loved the sound of the av squeezing into the bottle.

Well done Kayn!

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