Monday, June 2, 2008

flo's Vote for June 1, 2008

What variety we had this week!

A prongy, spiky, mysterious art piece by Ahmad Hosho.

Something small and fun from Robin Sojourner.

An accidental F-86 tracer with real jet sounds, Terra Combat System and retractable landing gear by Skye Tracer, two versions :)

A lovely dream-like outside bed with birds that whisper in your ears by four Yip. Sadly snap I have doesn't do it justice.

Bloodsong Termangant created a lovely and finely built white horse avatar.

Inspiration found in Google Images by Ilsa Munro for her Rotoplane.

No hard hats were needed when Largo Lax showed his lovely Victorian Greenhouse... he made a miniature copy of it!

And last, Mango Splash showed a fifth element type prim avatar outfit.

Reading chat the day after the show, I get to see much of it that I miss while taking snaps and busy in IMs. I must say... half of the fun of show and tell is the chat! So much great advice given and received...ideas constantly flowing. And the humor and joking...I am still laughing at some of the lines I read :) Anyhow, on to...

My vote this week goes to...Robin Sojourner who showed "Primsicles"

They come in a box of six flavors. Click on the box and wear the primsicle you get. It will give an unlimited number, so if you don't get the flavor you want, click again. The fun is watching it drip and it melts away as you eat it. When you're done, you'll be left with a stained popsicle stick. If you Detach it before it's gone, it'll be where it was when you reattach it.

The fudgesicles are going to be in the next group to be made. Also...Robin is going to have them for tinies soon.

Robin had my vote a few weeks ago for this lovely tea set.

When you touch the tray, the cups and creamer fill, steam
comes from the teapot, 3 petit fours appear on the
luncheon plate and it says, "Tea is served." When you
touch it again, it all goes away, leaving spotless

If you touch the teapot, it gives you a cup of tea to
hold in your right hand, and an empty saucer to hold in
your left. If you touch the plate, it gives you your own
plate of petit fours. She mentioned today that she has
variation of this set that doesn't have the flowers and
has color-changing napkins. You can see more snaps at
Robin's website

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Anonymous said...

Flo this is a great glad you mentioned it!
Lucy T.