Friday, August 1, 2008

flo's vote for July 27, 2008

I knew this week would be unusual… when I arrived in Lummerland before the show, there was my co host, Barney Boomslang, and Pandora Wigglesworth. Pandora Wigglesworth as a crate. A box. Oh my! Pandora's box!!!

It seems Pandora was wearing the box to hide her presentation while allowing it to pre rez lol. So I had to wait till she came on stage to see what it was.

And now onto this previous Sunday’s Show…

The show started with Bela Lubezki showing her Chadburns Ship Telegraph rental vendors. Using a Hippo vendor to start, she thought of modding it with a steampunk look. The face of dial can show if a parcel is available or not and if tenant has paid rent.

Then Pandora Wrigglesworth opened her box and presented her first Tiny Avatar design… a sheep. It is compatible with tiny accessories and has a unique AO set. To quote Pandora: “This is the perfect avatar for a wolf who needs to sneak past that pesky shepherd or simply wants to get in touch with its inner sheep.”

For those times you do not wish to be disturbed, just rez Kayn Munro’s sewer. When you click to sit on the sewer, the lid opens up and a ladder appears that you avatar will descend. The lid will then close. With no avatar on view, you can work in peace.

Using a build by Jazzman Jubila, Grandma Bates presented her scripting for upright piano keys. And what impressive work the action for an upright piano was! Each part for each key is rezzed separately. When you touch a key it moves the whippen. The jack then goes up and throws the hammer forward. Grandma did all of the movement and rotations herself. Sadly, Grandma Bates doesn’t have a place to view it in world L as it is a site to see in action. Great scripting work Grandma!

Many have mentioned to me how attending Show and Tell inspires them in their own work. Well a few weeks ago, Supremius Maximus showed a very nice piece of mobile art. Inspired by this, Ilsa Munro created a version of it as her shop sign and shared that with us. Steampunk in look, it had moving gears and brass. Lovely piece Ilsa!

And this week, my vote goes to…

Coal Porter!

After being in SL for several months now, Coal Porter discovered the joy of building vehicles and has a line of CP Motors vehicles. One of his goals with the shapes of the cars was to let the prims build the shape. The seats and front, however, are sculpted.

At the show, Coal presented his CP Motors Roadsters sharing two models. One was a paintball colored car that I absolutely loved! (partially due to fact I am a fan of the Thursday Next books by J. Fforde. Thursday drives a car that I pictured looking just like Coal’s car.)

The second version was a Green Sportster. On both, the wheels spin and turn and the cars can also be driven as a hovercraft or boat. Excellent steering and fun performance. Also a great sounding horn. When you purchase one, it comes in two sizes- standard and one for tiny avatars. And in case you pick up a passenger that isn’t too pleasant, there is an ejection seat. Oh, and I forgot… they come in a variety of colors, just in case you aren’t a paint ball texture (or Thursday Next) fan.

Till next week… Keep banging on prims and see you at the Show on Sunday at 2pm slt.


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