Wednesday, June 25, 2008

flo's vote for June 22, 2008

Although turn out for the show on June 22nd was about usual size,it was a small one with the number of presenters -six. Fortunate for them the amount donated for the prize pot was rather large so award linden amounts were rather substantial.

Arawn Spitteler showed The Morph!It's a teleporter with multiple choice of how it can look and where you can go.

Lilianna Meriman showed one of the most cat-like av skins I have seen. A lovely skin with an optional prim face. A two-in-one avatar! She showed it with a sweet cat tree she made that same day.

Talk about High Fashion taking designs to new heights! Pandora Wrigglesworth's new Uber Platform Boots, the highest heels in all the grid have a full built-in AO...including a custom dance gesture. I particularly liked the hard landing anim... the shoes made it look like bouncing on a pogo stick. They also have a variety of colors and patterns through a touch-menu.

Jeneve Felwitch shared her wonderful stars. Kaleidoscopic-like, they are one prim sculpties with an animated texture. The possibilities are endless for different looks with just a texture change.

My vote this week goes to...

Ilsa Munro who created a "Surveyor". Ever try to set up a sky plat over your parcel, and tried to center it just so? Have part of build done in sky and have it auto return because you were building partially over linden land? Well rez Ilsa's Surveyor on the ground of you parcel and it will scurry along looking for a change in the parcel name and use that to find the corners of your parcel. In each corner it will drop a beacon that will be the height you pre set and voila! when you go in the air you will see beacons marking corner of your parcel! It will then auto delete the beacons or turned on and off with chat commands. She has it for sale at her shop and on SLX for the staggering sum of 100L

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