Monday, June 9, 2008

flo's Vote for June 8, 2008

Oh what a Show on Sunday... database was sad again. I had a horrid time taking snaps (thanks to all who manage to get some) and the every present ghosted cart that was seen by some. With all of that, show went on well otherwise and again I am having a hard time picking one to vote for this week.

Yngwie Krogstad bought a sand castle recently to live in, and he couldn't find any nautical themed beds, so he made one, a sculpted clamshell bed.

Pygar Bu built the whole Apollo set for his space explorer play set.

Frofidor Niekerk showed a Gamma Overlord armor set.

Ilsa Munro, yet again inspired when she saw a drawing in Google images, presented an antique golf cart.

And for those magnificent men who like flying machines, Largo Lax showed his airship home.

With his Carmel Apple Teleporter, Arawn Spitteler figured a way to build a better teleporter.

An if you thought dodo's were extinct, you haven't seen Martini Discovolante Dodo Avatar yet :)

Take a snap of yourself or group of friends with one of Biran Gould's Photo-Sit set ups. With changing pics... better the an rl version!

Stsfuzzybear Hush had everyone's mouth watering with her realistic and detailed Medieval Kitchen.

I initially narrowed my choices to three... Biran Gould's fun photo set,Stsfuzzybear Hush Medieval Kitchen, and Martini Discovolante's Dodo.

This week I vote for the Dodo avatar by Martini Discovolante!

It is mostly sculpted with lovely textures and coloring of feathers and beak. For an extinct bird, I think we will be seeing quite a few around the grid soon!

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