Monday, June 16, 2008

flo's vote for June 15, 2008

This week...

Holocluck Henly showed a fun way to view videos at home with his zebra tv.

Paddy Wright had something old again... a magic lantern with screen. (flo makes mental note to do a lil post someday on some of the work he has presented in past).

Marianne McCann shared the themed build she did for her plot in Bay City and was considerate enough to give a hard hat alert before rezzing it :)

A little tank with the TCS combat system integrated was shown by Bela Libezki.

This week, Ilsa Munro was inspired by Jules Verne and showed a space ship.

Corcosman Voom presented his "Self Portrait in Red"

Although it took some time to rez, Eleanora Newell's Panda Mother and Baby was worth the wait!

Robin Sojourner showed a picnic table with a cloth that can change color on click.

Finishing the show, Bloodsong Termagant dug deep into his inventory and shared an older build of his... a lovely ying yang grotto.

My vote this week is...

Self Portrait in Red by Corcosman Voom. I loved the concept, the color, the movement. Sadly, the snap doesn't show the movement of the piece, so a must see in world.

You can see it at a exhibit at Man-a-hatta Gallery.

Now... all of you... go bang and hammer on some pixels and prims. Stitch together some textures, mix in some animations, sounds, and light too!

See you next Sunday at Show and Tell.

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