Saturday, August 9, 2008

flo's vote for August 3, 2008

The August 3rd show started with a first time presented… Sensitive Magic. She showed her lovely Particle Star boots.

Ut Aya showed his Stealth Jetster Aircraft. It comes with 8 different changeable body panel colors, combat system, and is low prim. Sleek design, steampunk concept, and futuristic space ship appearance.

Holocluck Henly made a lovely Iridescent Gazebo. It has a very subtle shielding so it protects you during rain

Pannie Paperdoll showed a beautiful, delicate necklace. It is a pentacle in a butterfly in silver or gold with colored stones. She has a variety of colors to choose from.

Largo Lax presented a 23 prim Victorian bicycle. And it is ride able too. Lovely piece Largo!

kenster2 Bade showed a stage he made for his Daft Punk Sl concerts. Based on a pyramid he showed some time ago, the inside has a cool console area.

Based on the Barsoom stories by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Ilsa Munro showed the first vehicle she every made in SL, the Barsoom Express. It flies and also operates as a boot. A HUD controls particles and sound effects

My vote this week goes to Martini Discovolante for her beautiful pocket watches!

It comes as a set - Domed Display watch and the Wearable Pocket Watch. Both open, tell time, play a tune and have moving gears. Miss Dicovolante also acknowledged input and script assistance from Mr. Quesit and Nix Sands.

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