Wednesday, August 27, 2008

flo's vote for August 24, 2008

Grid issues be damned, we went on with the show as usual this week! One presenter had problems approaching the stage causing some to wonder if she was presenting a "slo mo animation"! /me chuckles (Tip for presenters...if you rez a box on the stage and sit on it, you will go there faster)

Show and Tell's focus being a share and learn experience, we all learn from one another. Even a well seasoned creator can learn from the fresh perspective of a new builder. One the many things I enjoy most about show and tell is seeing a work presented that was inspired by a work previously shown. And that brings me to our first presenter this Sunday...Betty Tureaud. Betty made a lovely flying dance pad gazebo and added a little gimmick after using Sammy Cukor's waypoint mover script that he shared on August 10th. Using this script, the gazebo is programmed to fly around automatically, making for a most romantic dance with your partner.

kenster2 Bade presented a display of objects he made for his ApL3 store. In addition to the basic Apl3 products he created the ipotty which created a stir of giggles.

Wanting to share his best creation of his summer building Frofidor Niekerk rezzed his awesome 270 prim, 100m tall Gigantic Robot. Anyone with a draw distance at 64 had to fly up to see it all. Bree Birke also commented, "I cammed out to see it all - and we're all tiny ants!"

Some of you may recall the tiny rider pigs that Bloodsong presented some time ago. Well at this show Bloodsong Termagant presented Pig Bard for the pigs. "Barding" said Bloodsong, "is armor for horses or, uh, pigs." In steel, gold and black the lovely detailed work of the armor will easily snap onto your own tiny rider pig. flo gives the piggy an apple.

I had a real hard time deciding on my vote this week (like I do every week!) I had it down to two. One of which was Rush Gastel's lovely new thingy...dancing water. After suggesting setting world to midnight he first showed his smaller version, with eight emitters in a line. Dances are loaded via a note card and it comes with several different patterns of dances preloaded with on slot left for you to create your own. Color of water can be changed and dances can be made to loop. It has been tested for mono and control can be set to public or just owner. Rush also showed a 10m circle version of the dancing waters.

In order to avoid the "Hair Fair", Yuvi Robbiani decided to create her own texture and make her own hair! New to building, Yuvi showed her "Beehive" hair style with bees! She also showed "egg on your face", a silly lil attachment of two sunny side up eggs to wear on your face. Sadly I didn't get a snap of "egg on your face". Fun work Yuvi, hope to see more of your creations!

flo votes this week for Thickbrick Sleaford's Fractal Tree Rezzer!

Thickbrick Sleaford came onto stage and started his story. "I made a fractal tree maker a long time ago... it started as your basic fractal prim tree but then I figured I could use scuplties for the part of the tree, to make it look more interesting. It’s been sitting in my pocket for about a year, so I figured I might show it...all the trees look very similar, but never the same so it's fun to plant them in sandbox."

He then continued: "the tree will self destruct in 1 hour. Every "branch" chooses it’s sculpt map depending on the number of child branches it has. when it's done it can link all the branches for you, so you can resize, etc. the script has a variable that determines the lushness of the tree, and how many levels it will rez but there's random numbers in it too. Oh, and you can easily delete the trees by clicking one of the branches, even when they're not linked yet."

Thickbrick disappointed many when he finally said, "I don't sell it, because it's one of those thing that are never finished. There are still funky parts in the script"

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