Thursday, August 14, 2008

flo's vote for August 10, 2008

One of the great things about Show and Tell in Lummerland is the conversation. You never know how someone’s build will derail a conversation. Like this week’s show. One presentation prompted a discussion of tea, bag vs. strainer and how to brew a proper cuppa :) Well, Barney and I hope for Show and Tell to be a learning experience but who would ever have thought it would also be how to brew tea too :)

We started out with a return visit by Sensitive Magic. This week she showed her mad hatters tea cup. She plans to make it a ride and part of a mad hatter set. During her presentation we learned about dimpling and how to cut a sphere for better looking texture. Also it was suggested she make it a two seater, and then it could be "tea for two"! Lovely work Sensitive!

Then we went from a nice cup of tea to a guillotine shown by Jonah Warwick. After initial hesitation by most in the audience, many gladly volunteered to try the guillotine. The guillotine had a nice animation, interesting sound effects and spray of blood which caused LaPopessa Trov to remark, "This is a white dress man - nobody told me I'd need a splash screen tonight!"

Bloodsong Termagant outdid himself with his "Tower of VICTORY". While there are building events like Primtionary and speed build, Blood thought it would be more fun to have a team build together and compete against other teams. Although based on a team build game by TUI, this game forces each member to participate in the build. Each member in the team can use only one of 8 preset shapes and no two of the same shape can touch each other. Each team must work together to build a tower (or ramp/ladder) to reach the Victory Bell, and light up all 5 of their team Rings to win medals. The game also has referee tools and a penalty timer. Congrats to Blood for this game and the work he did as a lot of scripting went into this game.

Now for something that can't be seen in a snapshot, a scripted waypoint mover by Sammy Cukor. With the script in a cube, you can insert waypoints via an edit menu. As you move the prim and save thru the edit menu. When you re rez the prim and touch it will move to the waypoints you set. It works using llMoveToTarget and the saved route will only work in the sim it was created in. you can use it in a linkset 32 prims and having tested it for lag, Sammy found it use 0.002ms.

Another build tool "The Origami" was presented by Mango Splash. As it is a work in progress, he offered all a free copy to help him beta test it. Very simply put, it is a polygon based 3d tool that you can use to create nearly any shape you can think of out of triangles and create objects in freeform. It is a fun and time saving device. This device is similar to another Mango presented at Show and Tell some time ago, an in world sculpty generator. I found a write up of it by Vint Falken that you can read here

And now time to go plunder! Largo Lax shared with us his Viking Ship. Very lovely build, it is only 30 prims and can be sailed.

As we see on occasion, not all things presented at show and tell are in final form. With an idea that struck Ilsa Munro about two hours before the show, she showed us a rough version of her Magic Sword. Being smaller than the average avatar, Ilsa found that any sword she wore sticks underground. The idea is that a hole in the sky opens over my head and I've got my sword up there and a massive invisprim will resize when the animation is triggered. Can't wait to see the finished product Ilsa!

Twist Easley is starting a custom tattoo business called Twisted Tattoos and trying to figure out how to make something not yet seen in SL. With advice from Ilsa Munro and the help of Fitz Clary with the script, Twist designed her (and sl's?)first animated tattoo. A Japanese dragon covers the entire back and the flame in his mouth is the animation part of the tattoo.

My vote this week goes to Stak Skolnick 's Linden Clock!

One of several who made their first presentations at Show and Tell this day, Stak's clock is a most lovely build. The face of the clock shows the 4 hour SL day. I ticks once a second and chimes too. It can be set to 12 hour time and to desired time zone. The intricate and amazing gears and pendulum mesh properly and rez to proper size when whole clock is resized.
Lovely job in build, animation and scripting Stak and welcome to Show and Tell!

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