Thursday, August 21, 2008

flo's vote for August 17, 2008

With a dare, Betty Tureaud started her presentation of her Flash Gordon Rocket. Two brave volunteers sat in the rocket with a motor thrust regulator. It flew up into SL space in 11 seconds.

Arawn Spitteler created a fun waterslide! Let me allow Arawn to speak for himself...

Arawn Spitteler: “To produce a vehicle, for a waterslide, I found a one prim steam punk vehicle. This vehicle was developed by a high tech researcher, at a government contractor, as far back as 1879. Granted, this vehicle, is better known, for getting out of hand, and bouncing off the walls, but is still perfect for a waterslide.”

And what was this vehicle for the waterslide? A bar of soap!!! You slide down the waterslide on the soap bar and it makes bubbles!

The water side had a neat surf pose and was great fun.

The Cam Controller HUD created by Bloodsong Termagant is a HUD object that controls your Camera. This will be of more use for non human avatars. When you don't quite like the viewing position the creator of an object has installed for that avatar the Cam Controller HUD puts you in charge setting the view as you want it. Plus, with 10 preset slots you can save to, it's the only camera you'll ever need. Many settings and options too numerous to mention, this cam controller seems very useful in many ways.

Suppose you build a house but you forgot to put in a door. Or, to quote Pandora Wrigglesworth , "Need a better shortcut to the garden? Confined in a high-security prison cell by your intellectual inferiors? Mere walls need never trouble you again when you have the Portable Door Generator. Just point and shoot to generate a variety of attractive doorways through almost any solid surface." Read more at Pandora's blog and check out the pictures of her Portable Door Generator there (much better then ones I have).

kenster2 Bade presented his Portal Sentry Turret. At the moment all it does is open and close. kenster2 is working on the shooting.

Aramaru Kuhn made a smoke grenade. One can drop it, or throw it.

My vote this week is for Sammy Cukor's build, a Ghost ride. It is a real ride like the fun house rides of yesteryears. Spooky and will be a great addition for Halloween festivities. As far as I am aware, it isn't out in world so don't hesitate to IM Sammy Cukor to take a ride!

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